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    Re: What should we do to stop the giants big receivers?

    How to play the NY passing game:

    For a pass offense, timing is everything. The combination of the QB drop and the WR's route is what we need to throw a wrench in. If the pla is an easy "out", then the QB drop is set so he drops and fires.

    Now, there are 2 ways we can play that:

    1. Pressure up front: get our D line in Eli's face. Even if we do not sack him we need to throw off his timing and force him to do something other than what the play is designed for. If it is designed to hit a WR for a 5-10 yard gain, we want to take away that timing and have him hold the ball longer to find another open WR. If there is none available due to good coverage, Eli is still a young QB and he may force the pass (which gives us a great chance for a pick) or he just may be sacked for a loss. Either way, pressure up front and from blitzing LB's will give Eli a headache. I liked the pressure we saw against the Lions and hope we can turn it up a notch against the "Ants".

    2. Smother the WR: Play right in his face. Toomer and Plax and not going to burn Smoot or AW off the line; they are just not like a Steve Smith guy there. We need to take advantage of that little 5 yards we are given to make contact with their WR's and throw off their routes. Again, timing is key to the success of their routes. If it is an "out" force them "in" or don't let him get out without resistance. When Eli looks for that WR, he will not be where he is supposed to be. Then, we get Eli forcing it or having to take the sack. And Shockey cannot just get a clean release. Gotta get really physical with that punk also.

    It all boils down to what we learned as kids. The tougher team will win. How do you play tough? You come out a literally punch them in the mouth.

    I think it will be a great test of our secondary's ability to cover 2 very good WR's and a shifty RB.

    As far as our Defense against the run, that is another thread.

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    Re: What should we do to stop the giants big receivers?

    Maybe Tice should see what Tonya Harding is up to these days. I heard she knows some guys that are good with a crowbar!!!!! No, I think the main key will be getting pressure on Eli. Whether it be with just the front four or maybe we have to blitz a little bit more, somehow we have to get in Eli's kitchen and make him make quick or hurried decisions. I also think a huge problem will be everytime Shockey gets matched up with a linebacker. That could be an ugly situation.

    If I hear Michelle Bonner say "He works that one to right" one more time, I m getting on a plane for Bristol, going to the ESPNEWS set, and ripping out her vocal cords.

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    Re: What should we do to stop the giants big receivers?

    I agree Del,bring the farm,unfortunatly,I also agree that Cottrel will play deep and soft.I would double burres,And make sure a backer is hitting Shockey,and I mean hard at the line every play.And keep him there as long as possible.with Corey keeping an extra eye on him.Smoot should be able to handle Toomer,figuring his shoulder is okay.
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    Re: What should we do to stop the giants big receivers?

    Nobody wants this win more than i do this week!!!! I have an ongoing bet with a fellow employee( a giants fan) who's ever team wins the other has to wear the winners jersey on monday. For the past 2 years i've had to wear a shockey jersey and i can't stand the giants or shockey!!!!!! I need this win badly.

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    Re: What should we do to stop the giants big receivers?

    I trust Cottrell to leave Plax single covered all day long so he can put up career numbers. Steve Smith anyone? Trust me. I highly doubt we will double Plax at all. We won't blitz either.

    Cottrell believes in a system where all men are equal. Player A can do Player B's job. So if player A does what I tell him to do, we're good. If Player A is unable to get the job done (no matter the mismatch) then it's his fault and he will pay for it the whole game. I wouldn't be suprised if he puts Ralph brown on Shockey. F-ing idiot (Cottrell - not Brown).

    I agree that Eli needs to be stomped on, but I believe the key to slowing down the Giants offense is stopping Barber. He is a small shifty back like Warrick Dunn. We all know what Dunn did against our defense.

    Now if we can find a way for Fat Pat to sit on Eli...
    Halo 4. Start another fight.

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    Re: What should we do to stop the giants big receivers?

    we are going to have to get into eli's face early and often. we are going to have the score early, forcing them to pass more than they want to. the 3-4 with cover 2 might work. just stopping shockey is going to be very very hard as we suck horrid against te this year. gotta have faith in what we got.
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    Re: What should we do to stop the giants big receivers?

    how much longer before Tice akes over the defensive play-calling? I'm with Del Rio in that Cottrel will likely find a losing scheme in this. Everytime the 2005 vikes face an offensive monster, they find a way to break horrendously. Otherwise the D has been alright against mediocre offensive units.

    In other matters, What is smoot's condition? I read somewhere that he left the game late and that he was playing through pain for most of the game.

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    Re: What should we do to stop the giants big receivers?

    Blue print to beat the Giants.

    1. Stop Shockey
    2. Stop Tiki
    3. Stop Shockey

    MN better tighten up their soft coverage of the TE in this game. They are among the worst in the league when it comes to production allowed to tight ends.
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    Re: What should we do to stop the giants big receivers?

    While TE's have been a problem for us this year, I think the biggest threat on the recieving side of the ball is Burress. He is tall as a mofo and we get beat deep every game.

    They will be taking their shots no doubt. If they get the ball first I bet you see a bomb in the first 4 plays to Burress.

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    Re: What should we do to stop the giants big receivers?

    I think the D-line looked alot better yesterday then it has all season IMO. We gotta put tons of pressure on Eli and play smart football...

    Theres NOTHING greater then a Florida Gator!
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