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    What record gets broken?

    I would have to say Moss and 22 Tds, but remember Jerry Rice got those 22 Tds in like 10 games or something!!

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    What record gets broken?

    You can't post a poll unless you have a post poll button. Not everyone can see it. Not sure but it might be that you have to make a certain # of posts before it is allowed. Or maybe only Moderators can post them.

    I vote for Moss breaking the 22 TD's


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    What record gets broken?

    "vikingstw" wrote:
    True that danski but while we are at it i'll take moss with the 22 TD's. I honestly think he will do it, wouldnt that be cool.

    I feel your pain SHOW TIME, i cant do polls either, dont feel stupid. There should be step by step instructinons. lol

    Ok thanks to sdvikefan i now know how to post a poll. When you hit new topic scroll all the way down below the message box and you will see a couple other boxes that say "poll question" and "poll option". Type in the poll question, and then type in your first poll answer choice under poll option and click "add option". You can add as many poll options as you want.

    And Jerry Rice caught 22 td passes off of 65 receptions and only played in 12 games. Moss has 7 and has played in 4 games. So if moss would keep his pace he has now he would have caught 21 td passes by 12 games.
    so yeah eatingpieinbed some friends of mine

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    What record gets broken?

    22 TDs, they are on their way! Koo Koo Ka Choo!

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    What record gets broken?

    all excpet 15 win column...i say 13 or 14

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    What record gets broken?

    The 22 TD's is the most reachable. I know DC is killing it now, but he'll have his rough games. With this D, definately not 15 wins.

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