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    Re: what is the problem with our offense?

    "snowinapril" wrote:




    Check down says it all.

    "I don't want to win, I just want to be safe."

    "I want them to hand me the victory."

    How about this for a change, "I want to make one more play than the other team, to win this game."
    You probably can't hear it right now, but I'm applauding.

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    Re: what is the problem with our offense?

    Play calling and WRs

    Our best receiver is Travis Taylor, he has played ok, but is nothing special.
    When we run on the first two downs and then have to pass on third, there is no one to go to.
    Also, throw the ball down the damn field, no more of these dump passes on third and long.
    We need to be more aggressive, not only to succeed at offense, but to take pressure off our pass d, which as this point needs a lot of work.

    Thanks to PPE for the awesome Sig.

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    Re: what is the problem with our offense?


    Collapsing right side of OL.
    No receivers to throw to.
    Running game which has no run after contact.

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    Re: what is the problem with our offense?

    1.O Coordinator- we arent inventive enough etc as Childress has too many other things he is concentrating on- he is not Shanahan or Reid or Holmgren.......
    2. Players-WE have the worst WR's in the league, and on top of that they arent built for WC offense
    3. No Deep Ball threat, no matter what D's only have to defend 12 yards of the field..

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    Re: what is the problem with our offense?

    Thought this might be interesting in this thread.
    I found this article through a friend.

    First of all, I don't agree with his cap number.
    I think it will be a bit higher than ESPN is reporting ($12mil) based on who we let go.
    Should be around 15-20 Mill low side.

    I know this thread is about offense but part of our offensive production could also be credited to the fact that our D couldn't get off the field all the time.

    With that said, He kindof aludes to the fact that we might get rid of Udeze.
    I am not to sure of that as we must all remember that Udeze was playing on his off side last year cause James was hurt.
    I think he will do a bit better next year back at his normal position.

    Additionally, it is a pretty good analysis on our team and found the comment that we were in the top of the league in receptions interesting.

    I went ahead and check some stats to verify that and here is what I came up with:

    Ranked 7th in receptions
    Ranked 9th in attempts
    Ranked 18th in yards (short dinks/dunks)
    Ranked 25th in Interceptions
    Ranked 30th in TD's
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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