"Vikes" wrote:
"ultravikingfan" wrote:
"Redemption" wrote:
Those scenarios on ESPN suck man.
Gee sorry, man.
Don't you love the "This thread is stupid guy" "blah blah sucks"

Why do the it sucks guy waste their time and energy on such things. If it sucks don't post, move on, turn the dial,knob,page or scroll your wheel mouse.

If you must post back it up. Why does he or she or it suck?

BTW: I like to know the playoff picture so thank you!

"MERRY CHRISTMAS" I hope Santa brings me a Vikings Playoff story!

Go Packers <---I know but we need this win tommorrow.

The ends justify the means.

My friend, I think you slightly misunderstood my statement. I was solely claiming that the scenarios on ESPN.com aren't too convenient because they only show the scenarios from the viewpoint of the teams which have a chance of clinching their playoff birth. The website doesn't state what needs to happen for the Vikings to get in or for the Falcons to get in (for example). I never even mentioned this thread and honestly, I consider this thread very useful. I was just saying that the playoff picture and playoff scenarios on ESPN.com could be a bit more elaborate.

In any case, I apologize for the misunderstanding.