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    Re: what mistakes do you feel

    "Toro" wrote:
    I'm beginning to wonder if our current coaching staff and ownership is a mistake.
    I really do not know why this would worry you yet. It can only be tested on the field of play.

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    Re: what mistakes do you feel

    Alot of don't knows for sure Singer,

    But, alot of I do knows also.

    I do know, we will have more good players returning than we lose.

    I do know, we have the cap to pick up some good players to replace those we lose. If last year was a sign of how we will approach FA this year, then let it be.

    I do know, our new coaches can't do much worse than last years bunch. Matter of fact, I'll say it's an improvement without even seeing what the bring yet. They already are bringing a breath of fresh air to the team and players and thats a great start alone for me.

    I do know, the first and second rounds of the draft are loaded with some good talent this year, so we should come out of it with two new young bloods, ready to prove..

    I also thought this year past was going to be a great year for us also,

    but thats the nature of the game, no one knows for sure whats around the corner. But I think we are so close to making it over that hurdle in front of us, I can just smell it.........

    Either way, I wish the season was here already......LOL


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