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    Re: What makes K-Rob seem so good?

    I have my opinion and you have yours, aint america great?

    But for somebody to say they would rather have troy then krob after last year is funny to me, but yet again that is my opinion also. Hopefully we keep them both and get rid of Marcus robinson if anyone. We put alot of faith into Troy when we drafted him, he wasnt really all that productive in college so to assume he will be a big player in the nfl is a bit farfetched to me.

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    Re: What makes K-Rob seem so good?

    K-rob is a great player. So is Troy. Comparing them doesn't take away from one or the other. Neither one of the played enough at the WR slot to make accurate judgements about them.

    Back to the title of the thread. I think one of the reasons people (including me) are enamoured with him is partially because of his story and humility, and partially because of the potential he has shown us kick returning.

    Is there something I am not seeing here? Why does everyone think that re-signing K-Rob to a top 10 receiver contract is what the Vikings need to do? Do you all really think he is a top 10 receiver? I do admit that he is a playmaker at times but does not consistently dominate at the position. I understand that he had a 1000+ yard season a couple of years ago but unless he breaks out at the WR position again, he won't get that. I just don't see him getting 80-100+ yards a game.
    The fact is, if the Vikings don't sign him to a top 10 contract, another team will. We don't have the luxury of waiting one more year to see if he is going to have a breakout season. The management has looked at his play this year and past years to make an educated guess at what his level of play will be this year. Don't forget that he was an excellant player in college and with his first year in Seattle, before his life got out of control.

    Now that he is in control again, I don't think it is unreasonable to think that he will have a year similar to his first in Seattle, especially if we get our QB issues sorted out. Paying him a top 10 contract is a good risk to take IMHO.
    Zeus wrote:
    When are you going to realize that picking out the 20 bad throws this year and ignoring the 300 good ones does not make your point?


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    Re: What makes K-Rob seem so good?

    That may be true.

    My point still stands, as bad as he "sucks" as poor as he "performed" he still had more of an impact at WR the K-Rob.

    I understand our views differ. Like you said that is what is great about America. Unfortunatley for K-Rob the proof of burden lies on him. Hopefully he gets another shot to actually live up to the hype that many fans have unrightfully thrown his way.

    I'm not a big fan of either. I am just speaking hypothetically if I had to choose I would stick with my draft pick rather the K-Rob. There is no reason for me to agree to disagree, because we aren't arguing just merely discussing our opinions. Which was fun, and why I come here.

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    Re: What makes K-Rob seem so good?

    Hopefully both of them will live up the the hype.

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    Re: What makes K-Rob seem so good?

    Both have the talent to be successful in the NFL...let's lock KRob up and get to scoring some TDs next season!

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