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    What makes Jared Allen a Badass...

    Sports illistrated article

    read this at the dr. office the other day and found it online, thought maybe you all would also Enjoy it...

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    Re:What makes Jared Allen a Badass...

    I own a subscription to SI and he's been in there for the past three weeks...

    Don't remember what for three weeks ago (and too lazy to check), two weeks ago was the Bad-Ass one (I remember this one because the article itself was BAD-ASS)and one last week about going big or something like that...

    ...I definitely expect him on tomorrow's issue too. I REALLY want a Vikings front page, but I'm thinking its gonna be the Jets :dry:

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    Re:What makes Jared Allen a Badass...

    The 4 remaining QB's are featured story in 'Sports Weekly'. Only Brees and Favre are on the cover however. Support your local USA Today vendor, and buy one. :-)
    The ribbon is the 'Gulf War Ribbon'.

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    Re:What makes Jared Allen a Badass...

    JA on playoff football.

    "In the playoffs it's like the business part of football is just gone," he says. "It isn't about how much money you make. Everybody makes the same amount [in the postseason]. It isn't about how good your team is, because every team is good. It's just, O.K., are you going to kick my ass or am I going to kick your ass? It's a lot like the peewee football we used to play. Let's just go see who is better."

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    Re:What makes Jared Allen a Badass...

    Serious badass, of course, trumps regular badass.
    Good reporting. Heh heh.

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    Re:What makes Jared Allen a Badass...

    Thanks for posting, hilarious article. Love his attitude, would be a fun guy to hang out with.
    Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please. Mark Twain

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