i Bet you we shall see more trick plays. we have a rep for a simple offense but with our #1 wr out a few flea flickers here and there should be enough to get the deffence of balance and open things up down the field ( and should work even better if we run the ball alot like we where going to this year ) and also look for the wr wrap arounds ( dont know what u guys call it but its the fake to the rb and delay to the wr wraping around) if you remember in the middle of the season this worked like a charm it gave us weel needed yards and took chunks off the clock something our offense never did well (took time the clock lol i think we got the yards we needed) daunte will be tested harder than ever since with out moss the D can blitz an extra guy. daunte should work on his ball handling this offseason if he wants to be MVP. im sorry but i love daunte but The MVP daunte we saw was with randy moss im not saying he is not good without moss, but he can not put up stats like he did with moss. Thats what makes him a great QB he can go from down the feild passing to short yard passing and is not ignorant to hand the ball off i mean he works hard i think the best deffensive hit was made by him (lol nothing like seeing a guy get creamed by a QB!) so i think we will have a much more conservitave offence which would (hopefully) keep our much improved deffence on the side lines while scoring (then our D would get in and kick some @ss :cheers: and put our offence back on the feild) well thats my two cents
Skol vikes!
it's great to be back