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    What if: Vikings didn't make Walker trade?

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    Quote Originally Posted by singersp View Post
    I think that was the nail in the coffin for a run to the super bowl in the early 90's. We were in the NFC Championship game the year before and I think we had a better team than the Redskins who won the super bowl that year. So if we just kept our draft choices we could have drafted Emmitt Smith and had him in our back field. Or traded for Marcus Allen who I think fit our system better for a third round pick. Either way I think we would have won a super bowl or two if we hadn't traded for Walker. He wasn't even a god fit for our offense, he was a down hill runner who ran to a hole, while our offense ran a zone blocking scheme, where the RB looks for a hole and then explodes through it. Add to the fact that Hershel was horrible out of the back field and it was not a good fit at all. We lost out on yet another opportunity to win one or more super bowls at the beginning of the 90's.

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    I tend to use the amnesia rule for the Walker trade.

    I can't remember it because I slammed my head against a brick wall too many times after we did it.

    Perhaps this is what happened in Minnesota before they did the trade as well. Concussions make for very bad decisions.
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    How to doom a franchise for decades.
    Vikings general manager Mike Lynn strikes a deal to send five players and eight draft picks to the Dallas Cowboys in exchange for Walker and four future draft picks.
    Dumbest move ever in professional sports, and which team was dumb enough to make that move?
    It's a team sport and giving away draft picks is often costly. A single player is rarely worth it.
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    well jimmy johnson really screwwd the guys that came over with the trade ...he knew each player had a trade value and he was going to cash in on everyone ....not only did they get the draft picks they got the draft pick for every player ...scum bag move to do that to a guys career yes ...but he did it his way should have seen that coming ha ha ha

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    What if: Vikings didn't make Walker trade?

    Brillant move by JJ


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