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    Re: What if the Rams beat the Vikings?

    Vikes move to LA during their bye, world ends, sky falls, raining frogs and burning hail, no Christmas this year, photos surface on internet of Singer and Marrdro with nothing but smiles and Favre jerseys on, zombie packer fans raise from their graves to feed on headcheese, ......oh, and cats and dogs living together.

    Some of the things that could happen, if what if happens but feel free to add to the list

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    Re: What if the Rams beat the Vikings?

    "If the Vikings lose the Rams?"

    Well, I guess we lose...

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    Re: What if the Rams beat the Vikings?

    I would be surprised because it seems like the team is taking this game seriously.

    If it does happen, I will shit a brick.
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    Re: What if the Rams beat the Vikings?

    "jargomcfargo" wrote:
    וְגָ֠¤Ã—¨ זְאֵ׆˜Ã–â„¢ עִם־כà –¶Ö¼Ö”בֶ —©×‚ וְ×Â*ָמà –µÖ–ר עִם־ג –°Ö¼×“Ö´Ö£à ™ יִרְ׆ָּ֑ץ וְעֵ֨à —’ֶל וּכְנִ֤יר וּמְרà –´×™×Ö™ ×™Ö·×—Ö°×⠀œÃ–¸Ö¼Ö”ו וְ×Â*Ö·Ö¥à —¢Ö·×¨ קָטֹ֖ —Ÿ ×Â*Ö¹×”ÖµÖ¥à —’ בָּֽםà —Æ’

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    Re: What if the Rams beat the Vikings?

    Why is everyone in Panic with this game? I just don't see how we're going to lose this game. We're hung over from the Packer game, it's a short week, we're on the road, and all that stuff... But come on man! It's the freaking Rams!!! This isn't the Lions where I would be a bit worried since they always seem to play us tough, but the RAMS? Be real fellas, we're not going to lose. Have some optimism. If we want to be a super bowl team, we CANNOT lose to the RAMS! Steven Jackson is very overrated, he has no TD's, their offense is the league's worst, our defense is going to put pressure on Kyle Boller, and that's a wrap. The only thing I am worried about will be "Can our defense score more than their offense?" The answer is yes. I think we will get it done with ease. We have a better chance of losing to the bye week team than the freaking RAMS! Boys, if we lose to the Rams, we are not who we thought we were. Anyone agree?

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    Re: What if the Rams beat the Vikings?

    ??? And I thought I was negative. There will be plenty of time for sulking later. Today Viking fans are happy. Worry about the Ravens. Green Bay in Green Bay. And all the big boys. Then we'll talk

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    Re: What if the Rams beat the Vikings?

    We played down to the Lions and Browns and those teams really suck. We will prolly at least play the first half bad.

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    Re: What if the Rams beat the Vikings?

    If we lose to the Rams, we get kicked out of the league.
    When there's weather to report, I report the weather.

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    Re: What if the Rams beat the Vikings?

    If we lose i'll laugh

    There are some fluke games like these

    It wouldnt bug me toooooo bad

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    Re: What if the Rams beat the Vikings?

    i can confidently, but without being cocky, say that the Vikings will probably not lose this game. I feel they have played at the level of their record so far. This year, the Vikings have been a second-half team. The packer game wouldnt have been so close if it wasnt for the crazy AD "fumble" that was run back for a touchdown, if i'm not mistaken, the only other time i've seen that is a while back when one of our defensive backs just grabbed the ball out of someone else's hands, maybe someone remebers that? game? opponent? anyways, the 49ers game was an eye opener that showed some of the flaws that need to be fixed, and i feel they're being addressed. the lions game was a good defensive game and the cleveland game was only close because of lack of special teams execution on our part. the offense and defense are playing to the level of an elite NFL team. Jared Allen is a monster and had 4.5 sacks in the packer game, though he was going up against a second string offensive tackle and at one point, a third stringer. i think the vikings struggle somewhat in the first couple of series on offense, the defense does the job and gets a couple sacks while holding Stephen Jackson to under 100 and the special teams is our weakest area, but it is still pretty good. the offense picks it up and Favre throws for 150-200 yards and AD rushes for his first 100 yard game since cleveland.

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