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    What hurt the most?

    "cajunvike" wrote:
    The three Super Bowl losses that I witnessed growing up as a kid in Louisiana surrounded by Pittsburgh, Oakland, Miami and Dallas fans...I still hate those four teams and those fans that I had to take sh*t is funny how most of those fans now root for other teams...except those Dallas fans who are just permanent a$$holes!
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    What hurt the most?

    It has got to be the 98 NFC title game. I was about 15 at the time and I was sitting home ready to celebrate and then Gary missed that kick, i felt my heart drop. I went to the Hall of Fame this summer and when I walked by the display of Gary's shoe when he set the record for the perfect season it flashed me right back to the one kick he missed that year! 2000 was a little harder personally being from New York but in that game by halftime it was pretty much game over, to watch the Vikes battle and lose one in overtime was crushing though.

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    What hurt the most?

    I have to go with the disaster in NFCC against the dirty birds. They were a very good team that year but the vikings were UNREAL. I still hold it against some of my former teachers (who were at the game) who were chanting
    while anderson was lining up for what would be his first miss of the season. It makes me sick just to think about it. And knowing the vikings so well, i knew it was over after he missed that kick. its like playing the yankees and ya give up an game tying homerun in the ninth, you just know your done for.

    after that I wasn't nearly as disappointed by the Giants game or the Cards game... I saw the beginning of the Giants game and though...
    "Great, its going to be one of THOSE games"
    I shut off the TV at 21-0. And while the cards game hurt, i knew with the way we had played in the second half of the year that we didn't have a chance in the playoffs anyway...

    bad memories... ::sigh::

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