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    What is everyone's state of mind?

    Here's a lil somethin to get you guys pumped up.
    My toys!Ąt=car2.jpg

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    What is everyone's state of mind?

    That a way to talk it up boys! Ya, we've had our letdowns in the last few years...but just like Favre's "bad luck" in the Metrodome, everything lousy comes to an end...maybe it will for us today! These 4th quarter collapses have to disappear sometime...I'm hoping it's today! I've got my Randy Moss shirt on early and I even found my Vikings souvenir football, which when you smack it plays the Viking fight song! Skol Vikings, let's win the game! Skol Vikings honour your name! It also plays "Touchdown Vikings!" and the vikings horn sound! And by the way "Vikes can do"...that's a great vikings war cry signature ya got there! I'll have to print that out and stick it on my wall! Reminds me of all my Thor comic books I used to collect!!! GOVIKESGOVIKESGOVIKESGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    What is everyone's state of mind?

    I play my SKOL Viks song to start with. But, I am worried. Not because the Skins suck, but we are playing a good D, our D stinks, and we are outdoor on the road! But, I am optimistic we will come away with a win!!!

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