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    Quote Originally Posted by NodakPaul View Post
    To run a real Walsh WCO, we need a WR corp that who are sure handed and comfortable catching the ball in traffic, ... , and a QB who can read the defenses almost immediately and is accurate enough to throw blindly into traffic. It overemphasized short accurate passes and deemphasized running plays and deep routes.

    Unfortunately all of our WRs, with the exception of Harvin and possibly Simpson, either suck or are unproven. ... And our QB, while improving, is not at that level yet and it is unknown if he will be.

    The WCO when run in its purest form is a thing of beauty. But our team is not set up for it.
    Yeah, I regretfully agree. We can't all be the Packers, Saints, and Patriots. Modified WCO offenses rule the NFL. Anything else is substandard.

    The irony is that Childress used the WCO nomenclature, but he did not embrace the theory. It took Brett Favre and his audibles to make it work.

    I can't really tell what Bill Musgrave is running this season. I see short routes, but they look like set patterns rather than dual read routes.

    My WCO comment was actually to say that the Vikings rarely use the split set. They use single back or the "I", and that would not work as well for Webb or Harvin lining up in the backfield.

    And our RB, while easily the best in the NFL, is not a great pass catching RB.
    How can a running back that is not great at catching passes be easily the best in the NFL? One would think that would limit his threatability.

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    Bottom line guys, experiment needs to end. A freak athlete without specialized NFL position skills is no longer worth the effort. It was a good idea on the off chance it hit. I want to see if MBT has anything and just resolve the backup deal. sage can service,but we need more from a backup.

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