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    What about Notre Dame's....

    former Vike TyWillingham for OUR new head coach? That is if Tice gets beat Sun by the skins and we somehow or another do NOT make the playoffs this season! I think he can take us ALLLLL the way IMHO thoughts???? :rr:
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    What about Notre Dame's....

    He already took a college job. I believe in Washington (the gig they said Tice might be interested in).

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    What about Notre Dame's....

    Maybe we could trade with the Huskies, straight up...or have Red donate a ton of money to UDub to let us have him...LOL

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    What about Notre Dame's....

    hahhaha yes willingham has the job in washington i know this cause i follow irish football cause my bro in law which is a vikings fan graduated from notre dame....i would like to see a head coach that will develop a defense like no other and an offense that will not half @$$ any plays....then for once i will actually like the vikings...kinda like how i actually was rooting for them back in 98 before moss got arrogant...
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