well one of our best seasons in a while i was mad and i do think we need a new QB i was thinking we should put gus back in even with his 500 ints lol but with gus we win thats as simple as that 8-3 as a starter T-Jack does good one game and we think he turned everything around but todays game prroved he cant win any big games i mean T-Jack can do good against the lions and cards but with better defenses he can hardly move the ball good game by the defense only 1 td all game by the offense and T-Jack gives the eagles D one TD

and brad is not going anywhere hes staying right here personally i dont want him here but our owners going to keep has anybody noticed how brad does these baby steps
2006: 6-10
2008: 10-6
but the reason i think he should be gone is because if we have a good coach these baby steps can be huge steps but thats all i got to say hope we get a new QB next year