> Heading into week 8 things get even crazier for the ladies in the
> Vikings cheer purple. Unfortunately as we continue down the Contest
> path, one lady will not be along for the ride. This week we say
> "Farewell" to:
> B7 - Katie B
> Apparently her supporters took Thanksgiving off and it cost her a
> continuation in the First Annual Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader Survivor
> Contest.
> There are a few ways to know who is left...the first way is to have this
> email in your inbox. Then you have to place your vote to this email
> ([email protected] <mailto:[email protected]>). Make sure
> you send in your TOP 2 VOTES! Voting this week will go until Wednesday,
> November 30, 2005 at 11:59PM.
> The updated spreadsheet is attached AND you can check my website out for
> the chart as well (you can send people to that if they can not get the
> spreadsheet) at:
> www.vikingsfanatic69.com <http://www.vikingsfanatic69.com> click the Interviews and Columns link and you are there. I have updated the spreadsheet for this short week of voting.
> All the help and support you can give in sending this out to your
> friends and neighbors will mean a better contest for everyone.
> Until next time, I'll see you all on the sidelines!
> Gene Ramsay
> AKA - AlabamaViking