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    Week 2: Postgame Thoughts and Observations

    Here we go for the hate/love loss/win talk.

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    Re: Week 2: Postgame Thoughts and Observations

    It's simple.....this is how our season is going to go...We will beat bad teams and lose close ones to good teams....

    1. I was a T-Jack supporter, now I am over it...Anybody that is backing this guy, well needs to get a clue...Too much wasted time and energy waiting on this guy
    2. HORRIBLE play calling once again....

    And last but not least...
    3. Whats new? I think I have started my Mondays on a shitty note more times than I have a good one since I have been a Vikings fan....Only we can snatch defeat from the jaws of Victory....

    *Please ignore the above if we pull something out of ass and win the game.....well except for the crappy play calling and t-jack sucking

    By Pack93z

    "Success is the ability to go from one failure to the other with no loss of enthusiasm"-Sir Winston Churchill

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    Re: Week 2: Postgame Thoughts and Observations

    2INTS, won the field position battle, great running attack, and we only put up 15.
    we deserve what we get.

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    Re: Week 2: Postgame Thoughts and Observations

    Once we kicked our third field goal, it was very apparent TJack wasn't capable of getting the team into the end zone and there's no way you're going to shut down Manning for a full game.
    Once it was 15-0, I found myself thinking -- okay, time for the momentum change and there's plenty of time for the Vikes to choke this one away.
    Bottom line this just isn't a very good team.
    Possibly the worst QB in the League and a defense that is solid except when it really matters.
    The team has no heart.
    If I'm going to cheer for a team of paid players, I think I might finally be ready to jump on the Packers bandwagon.
    There's a team with talent, heart, and an ability to back up smack talk with some real play.
    How pathetic the Vikes are.

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    Re: Week 2: Postgame Thoughts and Observations

    God hates us and gives us the most brainless QB in the league.

    No more excuses. Childress needs to do something about the QB spot NOW.
    Because I'm a Vikings fan, they are that much sexier.

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    Re: Week 2: Postgame Thoughts and Observations

    Childress is liek teh best coach EVAR.

    P.S. Give him three more years.

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    Re: Week 2: Postgame Thoughts and Observations

    Its ridiculous. Up by 3 scores and our pathetic passing game can't complete a pass if their lives depended on it. All this talk of the game slowing down for T-Jack was just that, talk, nothing more than an attempt to trick teams into respecting our passing attack. I'll tell you what, after this pathetic attempt at a game nobody is going to respect Tarvaris at all. I usually defend Tarvaris but this game was just completely ridiculous. We looked like a highschool team on passing downs.

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    Re: Week 2: Postgame Thoughts and Observations

    Why did we stop
    running in the 3rd quarter and start passing.

    Most of the runs were up the middle very few were
    to the outside.
    Cant realexpect the best
    RB in the leaguge
    ripe long
    ones liek that.

    Run Run Pass on 3rd
    we did that last game we did it this game,
    even the anouncers were keying in on our plays.

    5 FGs and 1 missed dosnt win games

    Open up the
    play book.

    I was
    tavris suport now i bene proven wrong.

    screwed us but when your

    in the redzoen
    6 tiems and cant put up points u screw tyour self.

    The defnse IMO played great till
    the 3rd quaster when

    they made adjustments soemthign we did not.

    Gordan was exploited again and again
    - Put erin in instea dof gordan
    hell erin cnat do no worse...

    TYou hold the colts scoreless int he 1st 1/2 and dont change defns eplan when u now duunguy will make adjusts

    The coachign staff has taken
    great players

    and turned them medicore. Hutch, Allen,

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    Re: Week 2: Postgame Thoughts and Observations

    It sucks to lose. We are a better team than last year. We should be about 15th in the power polls. The Colts are clearly better than the Vikes. The Packers are just marginally better.
    This game was the Colts to lose, and the Colts came to play with just enough to win at the end.

    Leadership - The Vikings have a leadership gap. The gap is apparent when we take a lead and can't hold it, and when we play inconsistently. There are no standout leaders on our club who can compare to a Peyton Manning or a Bob Sanders. The biggest challenge Childress has is grooming Jackson, Peterson, Henderson, and Allen into strong leaders. In special teams, though, we are fortunate because Longwell is already a good leader.

    Adrian Peterson - Terrific. He's the reason the Vikings were even in this game. Without AP, the Vikings would have been blown out. Passing to AP has to be less predictable. Always throwing to him in the flat off to the right is predictable. Peterson got gassed at the end of the game. He needs to be spelled by Chester Taylor, who barely played today.

    The Fans - Pretty good, but we can't boo our players for little mistakes. It's not right. Throwing an incomplete pass, and we boo? That undermines our young quarterback's confidence. Booing an incomplete pass hurts our team.
    I guess we'll play better on the road this year....

    The Refs - Fair. They called a good game. I thought the Colts scored a touchdown on the lateral and didn't score on the run, and the refs called it the other way. The result is the same.

    Tarvaris Jackson - Pretty good. No turnovers. Starting to develop more touch on the ball. His numbers would look better if Shiancoe hadn't dropped another touchdown pass. Jackson continues to need more practice time in throwing the ball with touch, as expected.

    Garrett Mills - He catches the ball. Why isn't he starting at TE?

    Offensive play calling - Extremely predictable. It's obvious the Vikings are running on 1st down, either running or throwing short on 2nd down, and throwing on third down. Can Brad Bevell stop this madness? Just take your whole playbook, and have a computer pick what play to call randomly. The predictability is hurting Jackson's performance quite a bit.

    Lane Kiffin - Rumor has it that this young, offense genius will be available on Monday (ESPN reported he will be fired). With Lane Kiffin already having a Minnesota Vikings connection, we would be crazy not to bring this young up-and-comer into the Vikings organization. The other thing I like about him is that he ticks off Al Davis. He's got to be good.

    Sidney Rice - Ouch! I am praying for his health.

    Defense - Good job. Jared Allen played well. They just got gassed at the end. The pass defense still needs improvement. We already knew that. They played all right for a while there, but then the Colts adjusted.

    Special teams - Longwell did great. Asking him to kick six field goals is crazy. We should have faked the last attempt or gone for it. Kluwe did just fine, and much better than last week. The kickoff coverage unit did pretty well. The punt coverage unit again showed some flaws.

    The Colts - What can you say? They are a great team with a fine head coach. I still regret we didn't replace Green with Dungy back in the Nineties. The failure of team leaders then to make that tough decision has cost our club greatly over the years, and benefited two Super Bowl winners. Manning, Addai, Harrison, Wayne, Gonzalez, Freeney, Sanders, and Viniateri. They are a superb football team. The Vikings could learn a lot from the Colts.

    Next week - Hopefully we'll have Lane Kiffin on the sidelines (again!) as we take on the tough Panthers.

    It's a long season. Childress needs more time to build this team back after Green and Tice utterly destroyed it. He should be given a one-year extension.

    Go Vikings!

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    Re: Week 2: Postgame Thoughts and Observations

    This team was over-hyped in off- season and preseason I wish we would have been picked last in th NFC North- with a prediction of winning about 5 games. Then we could say we were keeping it close. But this is very disheartening compared to everyones predictions. We're a joke We're just not good enough to be a playoff caliber team. Childress needs to go- I know he's human but he's not an NFL Head Coach. Last week we lose a 5th in a row against GB and now this. And this is his 3rd year- all with similar dissapointements. There is nothing good to take away from this game. Defense? not when it counted. AD- 160 yds? so? no TD's. Longwell? again not when it counted.

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