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    Re: Week 1 Vikings vs. Packers

    "Jimmymeboy" wrote:
    "C" wrote:
    "marstc09" wrote:
    gol 'darnit I wish I would of seen this. I was at this game and spent more time trying to drown out that Packer crap from fans around me. Not good getting split up from Bloody and JMC. I just pray that Sage is much better than TJ or we are in trouble.
    Jackson is better than Sage. That game should have been won by the Vikings... and we took the next one verses the Pack.

    Berrian was dealing with turf toe despite playing in that game and Jackson still had a bum knee ligament from the preseason game vs the Ravens. I'm surprised the game was as close as it was.
    I didn't see the game replayed, but I think there was a big play to Driver that was called back and that would have certainly made the game a little more one sided.
    I'm not a Tjack apologist, but the dropped passes and missed opportunities(Berrian's shoe string tackle) have to be considered as NOT conducive to a qb's psyche and overall confidence... ???(I'm just sayin')... :
    Yes, a 60 yard Driver TD was called back on a GB penalty. On that play, both Winfield and Johnson bit on the slant route (Rodgers threw a pump fake) and Driver was wide open. We got lucky. In the grand scheme of things it falls in line with our defensive prowess outside of the few big plays we gave up.

    We dropped one pass during this game. The rest of them 18 incompletions were bad throws. Compare that to TJ's 16 completions.
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    Thanks Josdin!

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    Re: Week 1 Vikings vs. Packers

    This game was a perfect example of "not" completing "Team Execution". I have not recently seen the performance but I did watch it about 3 times at the beginning of the season. Jackson did not do well in this game but did make some really nice throws with defenders in his facemask. The deep balls in the first half were inaccurate and one inparticular was very effective had the refs did their jobs. Al Harris got away with a couple muggings on Berrian in this game that would have put us in a some really good field position. One of the big time benifits of having a guy like Tarvaris with a cannon arm is the ability to stretch the field and draw penalties. Its unfortunate he was robbed multiple times in the first two games, then in the Philly game in the 3rd QT...

    Aside from that Tarvaris had some awful throws, especailly one in the 2nd half where he threw into a crowd of defenders and the ball was luckily dropped. This would have been a killer INT at the time. This game was very inconsistent for Jackson,
    I think things would have turned out alot different if the flags were thrown and Berrian didn't get tripped on the awesome slant pass Jackson threw him.

    Onto the main reason we lost that game, largly due to the Punt Return for a TD, this type of thing is really killer when your in a close game with a division rival. EJ getting over aggresive on the big run is also another play that sticks out. Take those two mistakes away and I think we step out of that game victorious.

    Coming into next season we need to shore up the defensive breakdowns, while we are solid on defense there is still work to be done. Two weeks in row at the beginning of the season we played entire games very well, but a couple big plays really hurt us, if we can eliminate these mistakes we could have a top 5 defense in the NFL. Specail Teams has to corrected, getting Heath back is a big time boost, this unit like the defense breaking down on one play in the Eagles game really impacted the results. I just hope we get more consistent on all 3 levels and become a power house team that regularly whips the opossing team like we have seen in the past couple seasons on a few acasions.

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    Re: Week 1 Vikings vs. Packers

    "V" wrote:
    NFL Replay is showing games on Sunday. Vikings at Packers were one of them so I chose to Tivo it.

    This game's resemblance to the Eagles game was pretty astounding looking back on it.
    - Our defense had a great day, save for a couple of plays (Jennings long catch, Grant long run).
    - A ST TD really put us in the hole. Up until that point we were in striking distance.
    - Our 2 minute drill sucked.
    - Peterson was a horse, but in the end GB focused on our running game and we couldn't make enough plays through the air.
    - TJ had a miserable first half. His accuracy sucked. The second half was better, but still definitely some bad throws. The use of his legs offered some saving grace. Completely unable to connect on deep balls, even when Berrian beat his guy. In teh end he couldn't make enough of the routine throws.
    - The OL wasn't great but they played well enough to win, IMO of course.
    - Even though he didn't fumble, AD's carelessness with the ball could be seen. He was very free with it and never switched to the outside shoulder.
    - Tyrell Johnson's play was mediocre at best.

    Does anyone remember:
    ? Garrett Mills had a significant role in the game
    ? Hicks, playing LT for a suspended McKinnie, got injured and Marcus Johnson saw significant playing time
    ? Jackson hit Berrian on a slant and Berrian was TD bound but a slight shoestring tackle just barely tripped him up
    ? We blocked a FG before halftime

    If you guys get a chance to watch these replays, it might be a nice chance to look back on teh season if a bunch of us start doing this. Indy @ Vikes is scheduled for next Sunday.

    I remember that game all too well. I have all of this seasons games on tape so I watch them periodically. When do they show the game of the vikes against the cheesedicks at the dome? Now that was a great game!

    I get the most pissed off looks from people with my VKG 4 LFE Wisconsin license plate, and I LOVE IT!!

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