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    Webb stretches legs at WR

    Webb stretches legs at receiver of the highlights of Friday’s practice came when receiver Joe Webb hauled in a deep ball from Matt Cassel between solid coverage from Xavier Rhodes and Robert Blanton.

    “A couple more of those and I’ll be good,” Webb said.

    Webb continues to impress with his athleticism and hands as he continues his conversion from quarterback.

    Vikings notes: Webb stretches legs at receiver |

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    Aw crap.

    Our secondary sucks, the backup is the best QB and our backup QB last year should have been a WR the whole time.............

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    Webb stretches legs at WR

    I like the kid so hope he makes it, but the cynic in me says they moved him to WR to cut him. With Jennings, Simpson, Patterson, Wright all shoe-ins that leaves him fighting with the likes of Childs, Burton etc

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    Webb stretches legs at WR

    Is Childs even healthy? When has Burton done jack shit? Where are those people that said Webb has no hands?

    Edit: Just checked. He is on the PUP list.
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