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    we should trade for Chris Mccalister.

    If we are serious at a superbowl run this year, we trade a first round pick for chris mccalister and sign him to a winfield type deal but a little bigger signing bonus. He is holding out for a long term deal and we will be 25 mil under the salary cap next year, we have the resources. And besides, after winning a superbowl, or actually getting there, red could get the 600 mil he is asking for. It makes sense to do it economically and competively. You spend a little here, you get a lot in return down the line.
    the addition of Cmac would make us instant superbowl contenders. a trio of cmac/winfield/bwill would be best in the league. A young,fast, tackling LB corp to go along with a very good front 4 would cause havoc. And throw in our ball hawking safeties, our D could maybe even be better than our O.

    what do u guys think

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    we should trade for Chris Mccalister.

    I don't know about our D being better than our O, but it would help a lot. Plus, we can afford it. Let's win the SB for a change. Of course if we did, the Packer fans would still say the Packers are better. They will never learn.

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