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    Re: Are we really building championship team?

    Most importantly, I believe that we have upgraded our coaching staff. Not that I hated Cotrell, but I definitely had no love for Tice or Offensive Coordinator Steve Loney. Both good people, but not good coaches in my honest opinion.

    Another step in the right direction that we are taking is the release of Michael Bennett. The guy had speed, but no patience. Not that he had a line to block for him, but even when he had holes, he didn't find them... We now have a near solid RB in Taylor replacing him. Not proven yet, but I consider it an upgrade, not to mention the possability of O. Smith coming back. Things are looking up.

    Which brings me to my next point about how we are upgrading our O-Line. I have yet to see any improvement, but at the very least we know that the Staff have realized that it is a problem and are working hard (see Hutchinson deal) to fix it.

    We have kept Koren Robinson, and Williamson is going to improve. Our WRs are rock solid.

    The only problem that I have seen thus far in the offseason is the QB situation. Now I do like C-Pep, but I have always had a difference stance on how to handle his character. He needs a staff to watch over him, and to take care of a lot of things for him, so that the only thing he has to worry about is throwing the ball. He gets distracted easily IMHO.

    I see us making improvements, but I don't know if that means we are building a championchip quality team here. We still have big holes (QB, LBs, and O-Line), but it is comforting to see that these problems are being worked on heavily (see Leber, Dante Trades, and Hutchinson deals).

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    Re: Are we really building championship team?

    "VikingNed" wrote:
    Everyone is saying this and that about the players, but I think the biggest factor right now is our New Coaching Staff.......

    If they can coach the players to be the best they can at their positions and coach the players to play as a team, well the sky is the limit..

    Bottom line to me is, we are dealing with pro athletes, all have the physical abilitys to play and play well. But it's the mastering of ones position and the mind set of being a winner and playing as a team.

    This is what the coaches have to portray themselves and install in our players.

    I believe in Childress and this young group of coaches, I think they are bringing a fire to the team that hasn't burnt in some time.....

    I'm putting my trust in them and our players to come together as one and give us all one hell of a season...
    Well said Ned & Vrehna....agreed!

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