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    We might be a completely different team next year

    "cajunvike" wrote:
    "VikesFan111" wrote:
    "ultravikingfan" wrote:
    "thepacksux" wrote:
    "givemossthetoss" wrote:
    Peterson is staying in SF, with their new D coordinater he said that he wants to build D around him and plus julian said he wants to stay in SF.
    Where did u get this information... he was franchised last year and just took a one year contract... what makes you think that he will sign with a team that has no chance to win for quite a while, especially when he is one of their very few good players. They need a complete overhaul on offense starting with the skill positions except rb. right now i think their best player besides rb is newberry at C.
    Can somebody answer this for me: The franchise tag, is it only good for 1 year? Then can they keep applying it every year?
    Only good for one year.
    Actually, I think that they CAN reapply it from year to year, but the salary cap number changes based on what the top five players at the "franchise player's" position make. But don't quote me on this!
    I know that a team can reapply the franchise tag on the same player a couple years in a row, but I thought that it was supposed to be harder to do the second and third year. I just remember a year ago or so there was a fuss that the Rams were going to reapply the tag on Orlando Pace. Does anyone know if there is any truth to this, or am I just a moron!! (don't answer if you think it's the second half of the question!!)

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    We might be a completely different team next year

    "VikesFan111" wrote:
    I hate when people say Marcus is a very good WR. I think he is average at best. Gets lucky on deep balls and seems to kind of just not do anything.

    Marcus played through some injuries this year, look what he
    has done in Chicago. He is a much better than average reciever.
    Robinson had a great year name another # 3 with 657 yards on 47 receptions and eight td's.
    Green Bay police station toilet stolen.

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