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    We have a team!!

    I was at the game tonight and I was very impressed. Yeah, I know the O-line needs some work in the r-game, but that will come. We got the win in pre-season, who cares? The D looked awsome against a questionable O, so what. We scored a ton of points against a great D, not so much. What impressed me? I saw a team out there tonight, the whole team playing as one and it was very special. Fred Smoot and Jason Carter never get their touches, if not for some excellent down blocking, oh how I love the smell of a great down block. The D is gelling quickly and is most impressive, not cuz we held the 1 squad scoreless, but just watching them play and play hard every down. The Tampa 2 defensive is more of a mind set of the players, than it is X's and O's thing and these guys look very close to believing they are bad asses. Every play from scrimmage was a gang tackle, guys coming from across the field to get in on the play, now that's football boys and girls and I love it. Now I am not the one, to get overly excited about anything this early of anything(for fear of jinxing my team), but no matter how the season ends up this year, you can bet that our TEAM will go out swinging.

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    Re: We have a team!!

    So far, so good.
    I am currently cautiously optimistic, but I'm trending towards unrealistic expectations!

    I was brain-washed as a child into becoming a Viking fan in Ohio of all places.

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    Re: We have a team!!

    Definitely good news about our boys...they looked pretty good tonight!

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    Re: We have a team!!

    Yeah we looked great tonight! Gotta love the way the defense looks so far, we could be top 5 defense in the league(hope so anyway!)

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    Re: We have a team!!

    "Einar" wrote:
    cautiously optimistic
    very cautious. i dont want to start believe and then get owned
    We're bringing purple back.

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