"texas_top_model" wrote:
"Marrdro" wrote:
I can hear it know.........

Leslie to Chiller..........
I need a DE boss.......

Chiller to Leslie..........
Let me go upstairs and see what they are doing about it.
I am sure they have a short list.


Chiller to Studwell/Bryzcheapski/Spielman.........
Hey who you guys looking at as a DE replacement.

Grigsby stretches well.
(Kidding couldn't resist).

Anyway, I trust the staff (and not just the Chiller) to bring in someone to plug the whole.
Maybe this guy has alot of upside that none of us "Joe Fans" know about.

Always remember and never forget.
Just cause you don't know his name don't mean he can't play ball.....

Well seeing how this particular thread was the reason I found this site, I figured I’d put my two-cents in.

First I would like to thank Ned for the warmest of welcomes; I’m really looking forward to chatting Monday. Getting down to business, there is something about Otis’ passion for football that you will never be able to record in a stat book. I am hoping that Minnesota is the place where he will finally find a home and take the starting position at DE. He came in and learned his plays… stretched well (lol)… and got to show everyone a small fraction of his talent against the 49ers.

Otis Grigsby is the man. Not cause he is my brother but because he is a smart, talented, playmaker every chance he gets. He’s quick like a LB, and I know that he will develop and be an asset for the Vikings defense. I’ll try to keep my bias to myself, and let his hard work, speak for itself.

PS: I’m lovin the playoff
Welcome to the site young lady and pass on a hearty welcome to our beloved Vikes to your brother.