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    Are we as fans expecting to much from this team?

    I have been asking myself this all day. and the honest answer is, I think we might be. Is the team rippable for several things. Yes. and I ahev done my share of ripping as well.Is it justified? maybe. But if we really ask ourselves what do we expect from this team will we honestly say at least record wise we are were we expected to be? Are we as a team playing up to the level of what we are capable of? Is Brad Johnson playing like he is capable of playing at thsi point in his career? Is our Defense playing above expectations. The OL where we expected considering that we have basically 3 new players from last years OL(I am including Birk since he was hurt last year) I am alos curious how many first year coaches do well and what there record is after the first year. I guess to me anything over a .500 record this year would of maybe been seen as overacheiving.

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    Re: Are we as fans expecting to much from this team?

    I think I speak for most the fans here when I say that my expectation for this team was to go at least 8-8.
    Most of the pre-season predictions made on this site were between 8-8 and 10-6.
    I dont think it was expecting too much for this team to be above .500 come seasons end, but who knows now?
    Maybe we did set our sights a little high.


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    Re: Are we as fans expecting to much from this team?

    maybe I am as well considering all the problem players are coaches, a new look all-round.
    Offense-Defense-SpecialTeams, if we finish 8-8 were still middle of the road.
    but at least we have no real off field distractions.
    lets hope the vikes can scrap out as many wins as they can this year.

    oh yeah I think that the vikes have a red hot bright future to look forward too and we as fans should look forward to it as well


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    Re: Are we as fans expecting to much from this team?

    We are now.

    Our preseason hopes were high as usual.
    I think we now know what the capabilities of this team is and to go 8-8 is a pretty good guess.

    However, I would like to think we can make that minor adjustment and do better than .500.

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    Re: Are we as fans expecting to much from this team?

    I used to think we were, but I'm starting to doubt that judgement. How many seasons have we had to go through this whole "rebuilding" stage, and always hearing "Well we will improve next year, then watch out for the Vikes!" I will always be a Viking fan even if we go 0-16 for the next ten years, but I'm getting annoyed with the same bs every year.

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    Re: Are we as fans expecting to much from this team?

    I don't think my expectations are too high at all. I expected us to beat the Packers, Bills, 49ers, and Lions. We are 1-3 against those teams. Sure they are 3-2 against the better teams, and we play close games, but I never expect us to lose, only acknowledge the fact that its a possibility.

    IMO, 8-8 is unaccpetable considering the schedule. There is no way we got worse from last year. Rebuilding is just an excuse. This team is not rebuilding, its underacheiving.
    "I hate when threads are destroyed by facts and logic."
    - Prophet

    Thanks Josdin!

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    Re: Are we as fans expecting to much from this team?

    I don't think it's too much to expect wins over the 49ers, Bills, and Packers.
    "There is good and there is evil. And evil must be punished. Even in the face of Armageddon I will not compromise."

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    Re: Are we as fans expecting to much from this team?

    I'm not sure but, as a fan, I for myself go into every game thinking we should win it...Then reality slaps me in the face......The left side of my face is as numb as our left side pass protection.....GRRRRRRRRRRRr\

    Yes, I always expect us to be great, even when we are not.......


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    Re: Are we as fans expecting to much from this team?

    I was expecting to be entertained this year, I got 4 games worth, but lately, its pretty painful to watch.
    If these firts 9 games were played in reverse I'd be okay with it, but the direction unfortunately seems to be going in the wrong direction.

    6-10, 10-6 whatever, didn't really focus as much on what I thought there record should be as I was hoping to watch the direction of a new regime move in positive directions as the year panned out.
    I was concerned with the offense from the start with the lack of skilled players and the clear indication from Brad that they were not high on his list.
    We knew the offense was going to be light on highlight plays, but lately this is just plain hard to watch.

    1st year coach is showing, guess I should cut him some slack, but the games are losing their watching appeal.

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    Re: Are we as fans expecting to much from this team?

    I was expecting a pretty good season.. Who knows maybe it still could happen...

    But right now im not surprised the way we've played.. A couple lucky wins and a losing record is about on par with what we should be..

    Anyone who thinks we should be winning more then we are are delusional.. Fresh new schemes and a new leader.. I understand Sean Payton and Eric Manginni are tearing it up with thier teams.. But there's always a couple that will impress.. Right now we are doing alright and about on par with what we should be...

    I look at the team and realize we don't have much talent what so ever on the offensive side of the ball.. So now that I think about it I was expecting WAYYYYYYYY too much from them.. Williamson is not a number 1 WR yet.. Didn't play last year really and gets thrown into the number 1 spot.. Travis Taylor is showing why he was cut from the Ravens and our line isn't quite what it should be.. Maybe they're gonna need a year to gel..

    The D is exceeding expections IMO.. We need to adjust during the game and make those minor adjustments to stop the pass though.. Otherwise we are pretty good.. Get some pressure one way or another too.. The blitz was money for sure when we used it alot.. Stick with that..

    Coaching.. Well.. It's to be expected that they aren't gonna be top notch yet.. So i'm giving them a break.. Props to Chilly though for tryin to install a clean program and Tomlin for being the great coach he's been

    Not sure about this post.. I always get somewhat off track.. But in all.. An 8-8 season with a fresh team and coaches and lack of talent on the O-line and QB and WR positions should be expected..

    Thanks for makin this post bro.. People need to realize we wouldn't be a playoff calibur team this year.. Next year maybe when we gel and the coaches get a year under thier belts..

    One Love

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