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    we don't need offense !

    "LosAngelis" wrote:
    "VKG4LFE" wrote:
    I don't mean to sound unsympathetic (or whatever) but I don't think it was intentional. I do know what you mean however about it being cheap since it was against your team, I would have felt the same way!
    No doubt.

    But you know what I hate?

    When Clifton got cut by Warren Sapp, not one player stood up for him. Sherman had to go after Sapp himself.

    When Ferguson got hit, not one player went after Darius.

    Not to go all Chaney on you, but I would have looked to send a message back to both these boys.
    Darius laid an illegal hit, he has before. That being said, Harrison is even worse as, is Kenoy Kennedy and to some extent John Lynch and I would take all of them with maybe the exception of Lynch on my team today.

    In all fairness Los, I hate to defend Sapp but that was a LEGAL hit. Darius laid an ILLEGAL hit. Just because it was "away from the play" (as if that exists), it isn't Sapps fault that CLifton was just strolling around between the whistles. While your on the field you have to expect anyone in the opposite colour uniform will try to lay you out, and just because Sapp did doesn't make it cheap. If Clifton didn't get hurt it would never have been seen as cheap.

    I m like a Ja Rule poster, cause I'm off the wall.

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    we don't need offense !


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    we don't need offense !

    "Del Rio" wrote:
    An insult to Randy? WTF is Randy and why do we care what he thinks? You draft what you need. We might need us a reciever, it's not disrespecting to Moss.

    You can retire a number for respect you can't retire a position.
    One of the best posts I have read in a while!

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    we don't need offense !

    Darius is no fool. He's begging to come here because he sees the cap$$$$$$$. That's what makes it such a "great fit".

    Don't get me wrong, he would be a great pick-up. But, I don't think he and Jax are gonna get out of the Vikings what they want.

    BTW, didn't I read where Smoot is in town today?

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    we don't need offense !

    I would rather have Darius than Smoot. It doesnt matter if his hit was legal or illegal or not. We need someone like Darius that hits as hard as he does. Big deal if they draw a fine or occasional penalty for a BONE CRUSHING Hit that could be heard in South America. That type of hit demands RESPECT and FEAR. Let me explain>>>>>>> When a Defense lays the SMACK DOWN on your offense every time you try to advance the ball you either 1. GIVE UP
    2. Injury Resereve
    3. Put the FEAR of GOD in them and God forbid if your Arrogant QB decides to hang his WR out to jump for a ball, or Run the Ball Himself(Vick).
    So I say sign him and any other that are willing to lay the Viking Smack Down, Smack them in the Mouth hard enough and they will eventuall shut up!

    Let s put the women and children to bed and go look for dinner... (the Program)

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    we don't need offense !

    We need at least a LITTLE bit of offense. It would be a huge waste of Daunte's talent to run an offense based on short routes, running, and fullbacks. This guy completed 70% of his passes in a VERTICAL OFFENSE. He deserves to throw to someone. Look at the Ravens. Are they going anywhere? They have arguably the best defense in the league, but they didn't make the playoffs. The reason: their offense cannot take advantage of the opportunities their defense gave them.

    Furthermore, we haven't even improved our defense. We were good at stuffing the run, yet we got a run-stuffer in the middle. We got Harris, but lost Claiborne. Don't confuse defense with a lack of offense.

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    we don't need offense !

    Darius is looking at Miami, so that may not be an option. PLus, the Franchise tag makes him possibly too pricey to go for.

    We lost out on Rolle. news yet.

    Surtain...wait and see.

    Meanwhile, the rest of the NFL is powering up - especially Detroit - while we "explore possibilities".

    This "Owner Limbo" sucks almost as bad as knowing Red *blows goats* McCombs won't pony up the cash for anyone. I've watched player after player sign elsewhere, while we sit on our thumbs.

    Not happy.


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    Del Rio Guest

    we don't need offense !

    Personally, honestly you don't need any of those big name guys. Just one or two hard workers that we can get down in the draft and a scheme that will put our guys in position to be great.

    Chavous and Russell go from leading the league to nobody's and the blame falls on them? When we had a huge coverage change? Any one who watched last year knows what I am talking about.

    No need to get yourselves worked up over this.

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    we don't need offense !

    The Vikings had a great team in the seventies but so did Pitts,and Oak, as well as Miami, they say the difference against KC was a secret (at the time) called gatorade. ( that was the first reported use of it in the NFL).
    can we clone Bud Grant?

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    we don't need offense !

    "Del Rio" wrote:
    Does he have a big mouth like him?
    Does he think he is god like him?
    Is he a dick like him?
    Does he have a piss poor attitude like him?

    If you answer yes to any of the above he can keep his "Owen" like butt out of Minnesota.

    Oh and isn't Darius the cheap shot saftey who has been fined repeatedly for being a piece of pooh?
    well yeah , but that's the attitude that sets the new look vikes defence apart . sign dd!!!!!!!!

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