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    Want a job? Vikings looking for Game Day security

    Avalon Fortress Security Corporation

    Thank you for your interest in game day employment at Minnesota Vikings home games through Avalon Fortress Security Corporation. To receive additional information please provide us with you contact information by filling out the below form and e-mailing it to [email protected] or faxing it to (612) 339-4385.

    Last Name: _______________________________

    First Name: _______________________________

    Address: _________________________________

    City: __________________________
    State: _____

    Zip Code: ________________________________

    Day Phone: _______________________________

    Night Phone: ______________________________

    E-mail Address: ____________________________

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    Re: Want a job? Vikings looking for Game Day security

    Those poor bastards have their
    back turned to the field the entire game.
    That wold be torture to be at the game and not be able to watch (or cheer?).

    No thanks.

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    Re: Want a job? Vikings looking for Game Day security

    Do I get to "escort" Cheeseheads and other unwanteds out of the house ?

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