Comparing Montana with Unitas or Graham is a bit tricky. The game changed so much between times those players were on the field that it makes it really hard to say who was "Best". For example, are the '72 Dolphins really the best team ever?

Comparing Montana with favre is a bit easier - they played in the same time-frame.

Miah brings up intangibles in favor of Favre, well here's a couple in favor of Joe.

He NEVER lost his calm, regardless of the score. Watching Joe, you knew you had a shot to win every time he took the field. Brett has that to a degree, but also blows games being excited/emotional (INT's).

You said, "...Montana enjoyed the stellar benefits of being the QB that ran the offensive juggernaut that was the West Coast offense in its hey day, A high percentage yardage churning system that was, by the the time Favre came to play, still around but much less ineffective version due to defenses finally adapting."

I would counter with "Any system, in order to work properly, must have the right people in place". As an example, I'll bring in Herschal Walker...a great running back put into the wrong system. Jim McMahon, a decent Quarterback put into the perfect system (for him). The list goes on.

Montana made the WC Offense go. By style and personality, he drove that scheme and made it what it is. Favre could not have done it...too wild. As proof, look at Montana's successor - Young - another disciplined passer.

I do agree that we can play point-counter point all day long...and resolve nothing. So, to stem that, I'll simply say this:

Brett Favre will go down in history - justifiably so - as one of the greatest to ever play the game. Culpepper, if he continues on the pace he's on, stands a very good chance of doing the same. Montana already has. No matter who your favorite is, that's still quite an accomplishment.