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I think Wade will have more success as the Y guy this year.

With a burner in Berrian and a big, skilled receiver like Rice opposite of him, Bobby will be open far more frequently coming out of the slot.
A man that knows what he is talking about.

I am completely convinced that as with AD, the stacked boxes also made life hard for B-wade.
Heck almost every time he caught the ball there were 2 or 3 guys standing right next to him.

Also, even though I said I wouldn't say anything bad about TJ anymore, I think it is safe to say that B-wade caught several balls that were a bit behind him which in turn negated the intent to catch the ball in stride to get the YAC we are looking for out of B-wade in teh Y.

Long story short, the addition of BB, Rices maturation and some better throws by TJ and Bobby should have a damn decent year this year.
Of Course! BB will make it easier on Wade because he is better than Wade, and defenses will pay more attention to him. The same goes for Rice. The 3rd best receiver gets the 3rd most attention, and is covered by the third best DB in Nickel, or sometimes even a LB. Wade will benefit from the talent around him, even though he himself is not as talented. That being said, nobody cares about talent as long as your are effective, which I believe he will be in the slot.

So back to the title of the thread, Wade shouldn't be caring that he is the third best WR on the team. He should be embracing the fact that he is back at his natural position, and has a chance to produce on a consistent basis. No eyes will pop, but hopefully he can be the safety valve TJ needs.
I want to chime in a little here.
1st, 2nd, or 3rd best means absolutely nothing. Let me make a statement here and don't take it as if I am comparing the skills of the players.
It is more of a situational comparison.
Look at the Patriots last year.
Moss, Stallworth and Welker.
All 3 are talented and had a role.
Sure they were more of a passing offense than are the Vikings.
But can you say that either one of them had more of a role than the other.
TD stats aside do you think Brady, Moss or Welker would have had the years they had without each other?
My answer would be NO.
Of course it helped to have Light getting away with holding defensive lineman on every play but that's besides the point.
This is a calsic example of why it is a team sport.
Who cares who is better than who.
The real question is will they work well together and become an efficient passing team to balance their running game?
Who cares if BB is better than BW or if SR is better than BW?
I want to see how they work together.
If they can work together they will each be that much better.