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Thread: Waaaaa GB

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    Re: Waaaaa GB

    "pack93z" wrote:
    There is no "Waaaaaaa"ing in football.. we got beat by an superior team on two occasions against the Vikings.. there should be no crying, bitching or moaning about it.

    The Packers need to seriously pick up the pieces of this season quickly, stop making excuses and start fixing the glaring problems first. We haven't to date.. and that lies upon the coaching staff.

    So silly little videos like this mean nothing.. your team currently is more complete than ours.. pisses me off a little to say it, but it is reality.
    You know Pack, and this pains me to say, you have some excellent talent on that team.
    Now if you get a coaching staff that can fix that OL without pulling people out of the hospital you are going to start winning games again.
    Good luck for next year...........except for two special games.

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    Re: Green Bay says Vikings cheated!!

    "Braddock" wrote:
    I could only take 53 secs. What was everyone else's score?
    I personally couldn't stop watching let alone watching only 50 seconds.....

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