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    The excellent posts of IBP and PF reflect my views quite well.

    One comment I would mention about your same players from year to year theory.

    Scoring offense 2009 2nd 2010 29th
    Total offense 2009 5th 2010 23rd
    pass offense 2009 8th 2010 26th
    red zone TD eff. 2009 3rd 2010 20th (tie)

    Same coaches. Same systems.
    Your explanation?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Marrdro View Post
    You wanna know why their quiting on the coaches? Read this.......

    A Picture That You Need To See To Believe

    A Picture That You Need To See To Believe - Daily Norseman

    After your done reading it come back and tell you your happy with our O-coord.
    I am happy. Just another yutz with a keyboard. The Shank and Jared comments sure put a nail in that theory some chuckleheads throw out there that teams don't quit. *snicker*

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    I don't mind Shank getting on guys who are slacking, but he can't say much when he's out there dropping a nice over the shoulder 30yd rainbow in the 1st quarter. Right in the basket, come-on man.

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