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    Re: Vikings's offense starts off well, then stutters after opening drives

    "V" wrote:
    "Marrdro" wrote:
    "jmcdon00" wrote:
    Maybe we are just getting lucky on the first drive, a coicidence. Or maybe the apposing team sees what the vikings are capable of and adjusts, the vikes don't adjust. Or maybe the vikes try to adjust allowing the defense to dictate the plays they run. Maybe Chilli is a genius play caller and scripts the first drive and then Bevell takes over and stinks it up. Maybe when the apposing team quickly answers it takes all the momentum away.
    Whatever it is it just sucks.
    Few good nuggets in here though my friend.

    I don't think it is luck.

    Opposing teams do adjust.

    We adjust, but how much adjusting can you do with the experience level we have?
    It does suck.

    That sentence makes me question your definition of the word adjust.

    Let's take WRs for example. In practice, the receivers run all kinds of routes, and they also practice a wide variety of play. This is to make sure they can execute any gameplan when neccessary.

    So, lets say wehave a very productive first drive in which our receivers get several catches running slant routes. The next series, the defense calls plays which has the corner taking away the slant route by shading to the inside. We go 3 and out.

    So now, with corners shading to the inside, our coaches theoretically would start calling plays that called for the receivers to run outs.

    What the fuck does that have to do with experience level? Adjustments are made upstairs through a change in playcalling. The players know all the plays and have the task of trying to execute all of them to perfection. You could argue we have receivers who run good slants, but not good outs, but isn't that a stretch? I mean, a pro receiver should know how to run a fucking out.

    Yes we are young, but that does not explain the phenomena of executing the first drive and sucking after. Also, there are 5 new starters on an offense that is expereiencing the same problem as last year. If you truly believe that the first drive is not a fluke, then you need to come up with a better reason than that.
    I really like this post. I question Childress and companies ability to adjust. Nothing I have seen so far has made me believe that he is making the proper adjustments and this post explains it well.

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    Re: Vikings's offense starts off well, then stutters after opening drives

    "Marrdro" wrote:
    "mountainviking" wrote:
    Scripted and practiced plays I think...can't really do that for the whole game, or there would be, no adjustments.
    Other than giving runs a shot on 3rd and medium, and maybe some playaction/fakes, I don't think the playcalling has been bad.
    But there has been plenty of bad execution...missed blocks, dropped passes, bad throws, stupid penalties etc...
    Rookie mistakes.

    More practice.
    More discipline.
    More experience.
    More consistency from the coaching...
    And players.

    Even if they do practice the scripted plays, there isn't much in the playbook that they shouldn't have seen several times already.

    I attribute it to just poor execution attributed to the need for More Experience (for most)

    Blown block running game = Tackle for loss or minimal gain.
    Blown block passing game = QB sacked or hurried through his reads.
    Short route WR's must get off line clean with no delay.
    Blown route/changed at line from Jam by CB = QB holds ball/improper read/makes bad throw/sack/throws on the run - all bad.
    Blown route/TE can't release/Helping out OT = QB doesn't make second/3rd progression in reads.
    Blown coverage = Recievers are allowed to roam in zone and exploit seams.
    Blown Pressure = QB has time to sit back and wait for WR's to get into routes and expose opening in seams or pick defenders.

    Face it, in alot of cases we have veritable rookies going up against seasoned vets.
    It doesn't take long for them to figure out what our weaknesses are and I don't care how good of a coaching staff we have, there ain't no gettin over that Burt.

    End result, 4th quarter is much worse than 1rst quarter.

    As you requested.

    Saying that we lack execution on offense is very true. I in no way disagree with that. That however, does not explain why we are competent on the first drive and sucky after.

    It doesn't take long for vets to find our weaknesses? THIS IS THE NFL! Teams know each others strengths and weaknesses before they ever take the field. Teams know their own strengths and weaknesses as well. Hell, even we know how to beat the Vikings.

    I really can't explain why we go cold after the first drive. Maybe its the lack of scripted plays, maybe a lack of concentration, but in any event its odd that this happens to a pro football team. Am I blaming only the coaches? No, but they are certainly to blame for not being able to exploit mismatches, then again it might be because we have no mismatches.

    Also, we have 3 rookie starters on offense. 1 leads the league in rushing. I'm not going to sit here and blame our offensive woes on the "rookies" when there are only 3 who see playing time, and TJ didn't even play last game. The only young players in there where Rice, AD, Cook, and maybe Williamson/Shiancoe. That is "a lot"?

    If I were the coach, I would try scripting the whole game. We are 2-5. It can't hurt.
    "I hate when threads are destroyed by facts and logic."
    - Prophet

    Thanks Josdin!

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    Re: Vikings's offense starts off well, then stutters after opening drives

    I still say it comes down to coaching. Not necessarily the head coach but for sure the coordinators and position coaches. They are in charge of making sure the players understand the plays,what their responsibilities are and where they are supposed to line up. We see too many times where a lineman misses an assignment, a wr runs a wrong route, or a qb holds the ball too long because they don't know where to throw it, the wr isn't there, or the pressure causes them to hurry their read.

    All of this leads to the players not getting the proper direction they need to do their jobs as the game goes along. During the week, the staff has time to prepare the team and it shows in the first possession on both sides of the ball. Our offense moves the ball and scores. The defense is strong and holds the opponents to no score on a regular basis. But the coaches are spending the rest of the game trying to get their players to react to the changes that the opponents make instead of forcing the opposition to react to their adjustments. And when they do get a good turn like an offsides kick, the players go on to the field unprepared to capitalize on it. Now whether the reason is because the coaches are not explaining things correctly or whether the terminology is too difficult to comprehend I am not sure, but I firmly believe the talent is there to be at least 9-7 with the proper coaching.

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