vikinggreg wrote:
Vikes might bring Walker back after 1st week that way his contract isn't guaranteed for the whole season. Kinda rental player until Rice is activated, but thats if no other team signs him first.
I expect/hope that happens. If Walker recaptures some of what he showed at GB, the Rice-Walker duo could be reminiscent of the old Carter-Reed days here. He didn't have enough quality passes thrown his way during preseason to demonstrate that right now he's one of the top two or three receivers here. I have to think that had he stepped into the ball Webb threw for an interception in the Denver game and pulled it in, he might still be here.

Walker accurately stated that a receiver can be no better than his QB. He holds Favre in high regard. I'd be surprised if he signs somewhere else if the Vikings offer him a deal after the first game. Playing here for Favre for a year, assuming Brett sticks to his claim that this absolutely is his last year, can be what Walker needs to jump start his career.