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    Vikings weren't too excited at practice

    What did you expect? Whooping and hollering and party streamers?!?!?!?

    I'm GLAD they're not pumped up's hard to maintain that edge for 4 days. I believe that as game time draws closer, they will put the pieces in place and tear it up.

    Hopefully, the Packers are riding the lightning now...then they'll be crashing when Sunday rolls around.


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    Vikings weren't too excited at practice

    If the article is true, I hope we don't get behind by more than 3 or 4 points or things could turn sour.

    As long as we are in the game, we will still be playing to win.

    Remember, both teams are made up of professional athletes.

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    Vikings weren't too excited at practice

    I listened briefly to Mike Tice Live on KFAN this evening. He said they didn't practice outside because the field wasn't prepared.

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    Vikings weren't too excited at practice

    However, the session was canceled and moved indoors since Wednesday’s weather in the Twin Cities brought sub-zero wind chills.

    this sounds like a bunch of guys not wanting to play football to me...whether or not the field is prepared or not go out there anyways and pass the ball around better yet freeze the ball and then throw it around as well...what do you think the colts do everytime they have to play the pats in their house?? plus if you look the colts were excited and pumped up after the loss to denver the last game. they have the confidence going into the next game. to me what tice has said they are not confident cause they have lost twice to the pack this year already and the vikes have lost what is it now 21-23 games away from home the last two years??
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    Vikings weren't too excited at practice

    You sound like a grade a dumbass to me. Go sit your butt out there is below zero weather. The Pack practices indoors too

    I can't wait for Sunday. And I pray the colts lose to the Broncos who have always had a very strong running game, I would look for that game to be somewhat close if Denver can control the clock.

    Look there is no reason we shouldn't expect to win. So STFU.

    If you knew anything about the situation I would be very weary of the Vikes if I was a Packer fan. Everything is lined up to be one of those games.

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