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    Vikings Weekly: Defensive Coordinator

    VIkings Weekly: Defensive Coordinator

    A pretty good listen.......Some interesting clues about the aggressive nature Pagac looks to bring.

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    Re: Vikings Weekly: Defensive Coordinator

    Damn, don't have headphones or speakers in the closet. Gonna have to listen at home.

    On a side note, I agree, I think we will finally see a bit of agression from our defense under coach Pagac. Nothing against Leslie, but the "Nice" guy montra is cool and everything, but I want a "Fired up" guy running my defense.
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    Re: Vikings Weekly: Defensive Coordinator

    Greenway will explode in this new environment. He's 90% there, I feel like a DC who let's him go will enable this kid to make the highlight reel often. Would love to see a better set of Safeties, but, hopefully that will come.

    Love this guy's character, approach, and demeanor...growing pains early, but, I think the Vikes will be back in the top defenses soon.

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