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Ponder frustrated me for much of the game because of his inaccuracy, especially on that pass to Rudolph. I hope we draft Luck next year if we are in position to. I'm not giving up on Ponder, but I think Luck has such a higher ceiling than Ponder. But that is neither here nor there right now. Ponder started to get in a better rhythm as the game went on, seems to have good awareness of defenders around him. He needs to learn to slide and not dive, but he only had one head first dive that I can think of and there weren't any defenders in front of him when he did, like when tartardius dove into Ray Lewis's knee. Or whoever that was.
I agree with the sliding head first. It needs to stop. However, I really wish people would stop saying TJ slid into Ray Lewis' knee or that he tried to take him on. That is not true. Ray Lewis came in on the end of that play when TJ was being tackled by another player. Ray Lewis grabbed TJ's leg and twisted it. That was one play where TJack did nothing wrong. He did not take on Ray Lewis nor did he slide head first into Ray Lewis.
Quick question: If he had slid feet first could Ray have done that or would have the play been dead?

Yes, Ponder needs to slide feet first and more importantly he needs to learn to stay in the pocket and get the ball to a WR or RB and not take the hits himself if he wants any kind of career. But even at this point he is at least moving the ball more effectively than the aforementioned guy.
To answer the question let me start by saying he didn't slide at all. He was being tackled by another player. Initially it was Ray Edwards. Next, if he would have slide feet first than Ray Lewis would have probably grabbed his neck instead of his leg and twisted that. :laugh:

I agree with the rest of yuor post for sure.