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    Re: Vikings vs. Packers

    I think a key to this game is not letting Favre establish a rhythm. Obviously, Favre will go up top early to test the new corner. I really, really hope that we don't leave that guy out there on an island, too. We need to play cover 2 or something tonight. We shouldn't play man, in my opinion. Man is like saying you want to test their QB and you can beat him one-on-one. I would prefer we let Favre get some short and medium passes and disallow the long ball, and then we will beat them because we will have the ball longer, and we are just the better team. What I don't want to see is us playing tight man coverage and then getting beat on the long ball.

    ... not that Driver is that big of a long ball threat, Walker is gone,.. but still.

    On offense: I would like to see us throw short routes, in which the tight end and running backs are utilized a lot, in short passing routes. Green Bay is really bad against running backs and tight ends catching the ball,and we need to exploit that. Create long drives, and keep Favre off the field.

    Basic game plan: we are the better team, and we just need to let that shine through. Don't let Favre get into that rhythm. Force him to make choices downfield. When he does that, with enough pressure, he throws picks.

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    Re: Vikings vs. Packers

    I see it coming down to two factors:

    1) Holding Bubba Franks in check like we did Shokley last week.
    - I dont see their WR's hurting us, but the TE has been tough on the Vikes this year.

    2) PWill and KWill have to move that line of scrimmage and get pressure.
    - Farve' scrammbling and throwing will set up the secondary to have a huge game as Farve' is no where as accurate on the run as he used to be
    - Pressure up front will free up the LB's to contain Gado or whoever they put back there as RB.

    -- If everything else stay consistent, these 2 keys will win us this game. BJ not turning the ball over, our RB's hanging onto the ball, and our WR's having a "good" game and not too many dropped passes. Brad will drive the ball on these guys as he is great a managing the game.

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    Re: Vikings vs. Packers

    The Vikings credit last week’s game-winning drive to Johnson’s play calling, and believe his leadership will be a huge asset during the rest of campaign.

    “Brad stayed calm,� receiver Nate Burleson told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. “He got in the huddle and ad-libbed a little bit. He went to each receiver and told us what route he wanted us to run. He was able to control it, to orchestrate what we did. We made the plays because he put us in position to.�
    The difference between CPep and BJ. Its encouraging to know that our QB knows how to make the adjustments during the game that it takes to win. He knew what would work and went for it. Can you say leadership? If the O-Line will step up we win this game.


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    Re: Vikings vs. Packers

    singersp, thanks for the info, good reads. Let them give Gado the ball! he may have put up more than 100 on Ron Mexico's team but he also put 2 on the ground and they got lucky to recover both. He does that again along with Farve over due for a pick against us we will walk away with it.
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