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    Quote Originally Posted by jmcdon00 View Post
    He doesn't blame anyone in that video. He just says we need to do better.
    The Vikings must watch video to learn how to attack a 4-4 defense with at least one man run-blitzing on every play? Are these guys professionals or not? What did they expect to see, the vanilla defense they see in practice? They should have been prepared.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmcdon00 View Post
    I'm not saying he was good, but he did have 11 tackles and an interception.

    Greenway looked lost, out of position, and slow the entire game. All in all a bad day for the linebackers.
    Bush has a way of making linebackers look bad and slow for that matter. Henderson got his tackles because the defensive line was soft in the middle. Henderson doesn't have enough lead in his pencil to stop the run in the middle and lacks the speed to cover the deep middle.
    I question whether Bishop has the speed to cover, but when we face Forte, and Lacy, Bishop will play downhill and serve up some physical play. He should be playing the Mike. Just another coaching blind spot when it comes to evaluating the talent on their team !

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    One thing that I noticed from this game, is how not ready Floyd is. Dude got owned.

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