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Yes it is, very frustrating. Another thing that is frustrating is the idiots that come on here, make stupid comments and can't back them up. Its unfortunate that we have some idiot posing as a vike fan starting crap with other teams, but trust me, thats not the way most of us are on this board. We all enjoy a good debate, especially with fans of other teams. What we don't like is a 4-12 team coming on here slandering us. Just like you don't like that an idiot came on your start causing trouble. For that I apologize.. it makes the rest of us look bad, but if you're up for a good debate... we're more then willing
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No need to apologize! I understand. We get most of the stupid comments from Eagles fans. Its all pretty ridiculous. I'm always up for friendly discussion. I don't know why some people insist on turning it into a series of insults. I'll try to stop in once and a while and see how you guys are doing.