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    Re: Vikings vs. Colts Preview: Five Things To Watch

    "Freya" wrote:
    Hey guys........It is impolite to point out the wart on someones pecker in a pissing contest.

    Pissing contest protocol! I like that.
    “What takes a quarterback to the next level is not arm strength or mobility or any of that stuff. It’s the ability to play on critical downs. Manage third downs, or red zones or four-minute or two-minute situations"

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    Re: Five Things To Watch: Vikings Preseason Game No. 1

    "C" wrote:
    "BloodyHorns82" wrote:
    "C" wrote:
    "BloodyHorns82" wrote:
    "C" wrote:
    [quote author=Zeus link=topic=52746.msg982262#msg982262 date=1250278474]
    [quote author=C Mac D link=topic=52746.msg982261#msg982261 date=1250278418]
    [quote author=gagarr link=topic=52746.msg982258#msg982258 date=1250278340]
    [quote author=C Mac D link=topic=52746.msg982247#msg982247 date=1250277763]
    [quote author=BloodyHorns82 link=topic=52746.msg982244#msg982244 date=1250277476]
    [quote author=C Mac D link=topic=52746.msg982231#msg982231 date=1250275764]
    [quote author=gagarr link=topic=52746.msg982229#msg982229 date=1250275687]
    [quote author=TARKenton link=topic=52746.msg981984#msg981984 date=1250218757]
    [quote author=C Mac D link=topic=52746.msg981922#msg981922 date=1250196789]

    Of course Childress doesn't know how to utilize the Wild Cat... he hasn't been able to utilize ANY offense during his time in Minnesota, why would the WC be any different?
    LOL great response!
    I also get tired of the endless superficial Childress bashing.

    I gotta wonder how Childress' offense managed to have the NFL's leading rusher.

    Of course AD could have done it by himself, draw up the play, coach the lineman, evaluate the defense, and called the play, which would have given him the same yardage.
    Childress had to have something to do with it.

    I'm not a Chilly fan, but I don't think he's a complete idiot that CMacD continues to post.
    lol... yes, Childress made Peterson into the league's leading rusher.
    To think he didn't play a reasonable part in it would be crazy IMO.
    Chilly designed an offense to be effective with the run.
    If Chilly had designed a pass orientated offense it's fairly safe to say Peterson would not have seen the same success.
    The coach decides where to put the blockers and when/how to use them effectively.

    I'm not sold on Chilly either...I said last year I would decide on him, but I'm giving him another year.
    Last year neither proved nor disproved he was a decent coach IMO.
    Saw plenty of evidence pointing each way.
    Then why wasn't Taylor the league's leading rusher?

    Childress decided to hand the ball off to Peterson because he's one of the best running backs we'll see in our lifetime... plain and simple. It's not because of Childress' play calling or game planning.

    In 2006, before AD, CT had 1216yds, making him 9th in the league.
    That's damn good given the state the team was in then.
    I suppose Chilly had nothing to do with that either.

    9th doesn't equal 1st.

    Just as your opinion does not equal truth.


    So... 9th does equal 1st?

    Or you believe Childress is responsible for Peterson being the #1 rusher in the league?

    Nobody said that, and nobody would believe that..
    He played a part in it, which you refuse to acknowledge.

    1. Chilly played no part in Peterson's success
    2. Chilly is completely to blame for our passing short comings.

    1.) I don't belive he did, Mr. Anderson did a good job of outlining.
    2.) Chilly is completely to blame for our offense.

    That makes absolutely no sense - you can't have it both ways.
    If he is to blame for our offense than he is to blame (at least at some level) for a successful running game.
    Even career backup chester Taylor has had, and continues to have success running.

    I believe that Childress has to call plays that hand the ball off to Peterson because he has no other choice.

    He can't get other aspects of his offense to click... in any of the three years he's been here. So he hands the ball off to Peterson.

    But using your logic, if Ciatrick Fason had been on the team, he'd have as many yards as Peterson because of Childress' play calling and offensive schemes.... which doesn't make sense to me.

    Fason wouldn't have as many yards as Peterson because he's not as good of a RB.
    Hell, he's not even a starting caliber NFL RB.
    You're twisting my logic severely.
    I'm not even saying Chilly has good play calling or offensive schemes...I'm just saying that they are adequate (at best).
    You're blind hatred steers you away from reasonable logic, also making it impossible to discuss the situation.
    Chilly could win the superbowl three years in a row and you would still be calling for his head.

    Our offense made huge improvements last year, but I suppose that had nothing to do with being the 3rd year of Chillys system either right?
    Vikings were ranked 25th for yards per game and 11th in the NFL for passing TDs... Room for improvement?
    Sure, but it's not terrible.

    By your logic it is Chilly's fault that Peterson fumbled away drive after drive last season...and not Peterson's since he is the almighty specimen of eliteness.

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    Re: Five Things To Watch: Vikings Preseason Game No. 1

    "C" wrote:
    "Zeus" wrote:
    Do you take "How to be a complete a-hole" lessons?
    Because you're quite good at it.

    I[size=10pt] strive for excellence in all my various traits.[/size]
    I see you have been having fun this week.
    One day my friend, we will party.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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    Re: Vikings vs. Colts Preview: Five Things To Watch

    What time does the game start?
    sig -->

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