i_bleed_purple wrote:
i_bleed_purple wrote:
We SHOULD win every game.

However, some strange feeling tells me this will be a tough game. We might even lose. I don't know waht it is, I'm just not as confident going into this game as others. Hopefully the KAO continues kicking ass, and our defense plays some great ball.


Favre has a bad day, 25/45, 265 yds, 1TD 2 INT
Peterson, 24 carries, 125 yards (75 on one run)

Fitzgerald: 101 yards and 2 TD

Final: 31-30
Damn... Favre: 30/45, 275 yds, 2 TD 2 INT

However, I think this loss is exactly what we needed. Bring us back down, and realize we're not invincible. Practice hard, play hard and come win out the rest of the season for 14-2. I see Favre, every game get more and more confident.. perhaps to the point where he's overconfident and starts taking risks. Some of those throws were BAD. he can't be making those, He's done so well until this game, I'm hoping maybe its just a one game thing.
Maybe it is, maybe it isn't.

He'll have to keep slinging it for now, I think. You're facing the 2nd ranked rushing defense next week in the Bengals. You just have to hope that you get up quick and that he can go back to his game manager roll. If the game's on the line, he'll take some risks. Some justifiable, some just plain dumb.

Maybe you're right, though, and this is the back to earth game. I think the game tonight will be that one for us. We'll see how both our teams finish down the stretch.