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    Prophet Guest

    Re: Vikings versus Bears: a comparison through week 13

    "sweetness34" wrote:
    Point 2. Giants game - True, this is my opinion, but I bet 50% of vikings fans, who wont admit it, know I'm right.

    Point 3. Falcons game. Actually what I said is a fact. They play in Chicago and it will be cold. That's all I stated.

    Point 4. Hoping the bears beat the steelers isn't really an opinion but whatever.

    Point 5. Got me there. "Always" was the wrong word to use. I should of said "Recently,the Vikings can't win road cold games." I'm talking about in recent history, since they became a dome team. In the last 10 years the vikings are 3-11 in games that take place after December 1st on the road in cold climates.
    Ok, we'll call it a draw....kind of.

    The Bears are gearing up for a nose dive and I'll be there to enjoy every minute of it.

    Speaking of the last 10 years, the Vikings still OWN the Bears to a tune of 11-8 (1996-2005)....soon to be 12-8.

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    Re: Vikings versus Bears: a comparison through week 13

    "Prophet" wrote:
    Obviously, the Vikes have some work to do and need some help from the Bears if they want to take the north. Here's a breakdown on what has transpired so far this year and is yet to come in regard to the Vikings and Bears.

    Great post Prophet. :notworthy:

    I don't see analysis this good on sports betting message boards.

    I forsee the Bears sewing up the Division before the last game with the Vikings. If the Vikings need the last game to get a Wildcard, we might catch the Bears hibernating.
    -- Sarcasm always turned on --

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    Re: Vikings versus Bears: a comparison through week 13

    "Del Rio" wrote:
    Just make sure you stick around after the bears lose their grip on the North starting this weekend. Then you guys can have a real good conversation/
    I think the Bears will have the division wrapped up before we meet again, but regardless I'll stick around(and eat crow if I have to). I have to say I'm mildly surprised to see that this is a quality board with knowledgable members. I thought you guys were going to be as dumb as packer fans. :lol: :lol:

    I'm glad I was wrong.

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