"cc21" wrote:
Didn't we expect Koren to be gone for the year? Or is he going to come back sometime soon?

The Vikings have to do this a certain way or they risk a lawsuit by Koren for letting him go in violation of the CBA, the same as they did with Onterrio they waited for him to have served his year suspension before officially releasing him.
Onterrrio was a little different in the fact that the league didn't instantly reinstate him because of something that happened during his suspension and wasn't reported, his is set to be reinstated this fall sometime but his career in the NFL is over.

If Koren gets sent to jail after his October 4th hearing in Seattle for his previous DUI the league would suspend him for a year and the Vikes could probably release him at that point or wait until the suspension is over and then release him.

How ever it happens Koren is done as a Viking, and probably done in the NFL.