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    Re: Vikings team prediction (not a record prediction) part 2

    "Schutz" wrote:
    "Marrdro" wrote:
    Vikings MVP: QTJ.
    Nothing spectacular (3,500 yds/18 TD's/7 Int's/14 Wins- 5 Losses) but has a decent season, enough to quite most of the haters.

    Best Rookie: STJ.
    Steps in for Sharper about week 4 and never gives up the spot.
    Sharper then gets his lame jiggly butt shipped back to GB for a 4 rnd pick in the 2009 Draft.

    Most Improved Player: Both Herrera a Cook do such a good job on the right side they share this award.

    Most Dedicated Player: QTJ.
    Hours and hours of film study are evident as he leads the team to a 14/5 record.

    Breakout Vikings of the Year: AD.
    Not sure if he didn't break out last year, but I will give it to him again.

    Best Team Player of the Year: Gordon.
    He will have significant contributions on ST's and in the secondary.

    Vikings Most Likely to be Traded After 2008: No one unless there is a clause in McKinnies contract that alleviates the CAP hit.

    Vikings LVP (Least Valuable Player.. starters): Big Mac

    Most Whiney Spoiled Princess/Player: Toss up between Birk and Sharper as they both realize about the 3rd or 4th week they aren't gonna be Vikings after this year.

    Biggest Boneheaded Vikings:
    When does a player qualify.
    I think this one can already be give to Big Mac.
    Not to be a complainer Mar but I figured I'd ask a couple of those "tough" questions.

    MVP-Even if T-Jack puts up those stats that doesn't make him the team MVP, in fact if that was our MVP player line things went horrible for the Vikes this year, I'm hard pressed barring injury why AP isn't your MVP

    Best Rookie-Uhhhhh I will bet you something that Sharper is our starting safety after week 4, what makes you think the Vikes are going to bench a very successful vet at safety in week 4?
    First, even though I kindof put some thought into this post, I very seldom am serious with things like this and record predictions.
    I kindof like to go out on a limb/think out of the box when I do these........

    Anyway, with that said.......

    I picked TJ to piss off the TJ haters and to piss off the AD crotch sniffers.

    I picked STJ to piss off the Sharper crotchsniffers.
    My guess is that if STJ is starting for Sharp it is because of injury.

    Again, kindof a funny post rather than a serious attempt my friend.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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    Re: Vikings team prediction (not a record prediction) part 2

    Vikings MVP:

    I think he will be even more lethal giving the fact that our D will get us off the field often and TJ will have another off season under his belt.

    Pick: Adrian Peterson

    Best Rookie: I don't think any rookies will see the field that much but Johnson is more likely to see some action and he will be a beast.

    Pick: Tyrell Johnson

    Most Improved Player:

    With an improved pass rush Cedric will shine.

    Pick: Cedric Griffin

    Most Dedicated Player:

    He has something to prove with all the criticism about the alcohol situation.

    Pick: Jared Allen

    Breakout Vikings of the Year:

    He will get more playing time this year. You thought he showed promise last year, just wait!

    Pick: Sidney Rice

    Best Team Player of the Year (who's the most focused on helping the team):

    Nobody wants a Super Bowl win on this team more than him. He has been nothing but humble about sharing time with Peterson.

    Pick: Chester Taylor

    Vikings Most Likely to be Traded After 2008:

    The pick of safety Johnson makes me wonder.

    Pick: Darren Sharper

    Vikings LVP (Least Valuable Player.. starters)

    I know you have faith in him Marrdro but I am not a believer.

    Pick: Ryan Cook

    Most whiny Spoiled Princess/Player:

    He will get a break this season from Childress.

    Pick: Bryant McKinnie

    Biggest Boneheaded Viking:

    I not sure this guy belongs here.

    Pick: Darrell Bevel

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