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    Vikings Team analysis - Offense

    Lets take a look at the Vikings Offense...

    The key to any offense is the offensive line and the vikings have tried to make their line of the biggest and best offensive lines in the league since Korey Stringer Died, which set the line way back. Since then theough, the Vikings have adressed that need. First they knew some of their younger guys needed to get groomed so they sent Lorenzo White and Lewis Kelly to NFLE. Then in April's draft the Vikings Selected Bryant McKennie, the 6'8 350+ pound lineman from Miami. McKennie held out most of last season but when he did come in he looked good, all things considered. Lewis Kelly looked wonderful, untill an injury and the death of his wife and unborn child. So the Line went through a lot of things wiched stoped them from gelling at the beginning of the season. This year though, Kelly had recovered and is focused on Staying active in football and becomming a great Offensive lineman. Bryant McKennie signed and has 1/2 a season under his belt and is just itching for training camp. The Vikings Signed Mike Rosenthal to anchor the right Side of the line, Matt Birk is one of the best Centers in the league and David Dixion is the Veteran. The Vikings now, not only have one the biggest lines but one of the best too. They also have some depth with Everett Linsay, Corbin Lacina and Lewis Kelly.

    Bennett has turned himself into a fine Runningback, and he has veteran Moe williams pushing him to do his best while offering him breathers every now and then. The Vikings also have James Wofford who some break away speed and quickness. Through the Draft The Vikes got Onterrio Smith who is small but has greast leg strength and a balance, solid, upper boddy. Bennett Rushed for 1296 yards last year under an offensive line that had plenty of problems, imagine what he will do this year with a bigger and better line.

    JK and Chaimberlyn provid the 1 - 2 punch at TE the Vikes are looking for. Chaimberlain is a deep threat and JK is an excellent blocker and dump off threat. Hunter Goodwin brings experience and blocking talent to this group as their 3rd TE.

    At the QB position Daunte Culpepper is ready to show the NFL once again that he is one of the best there is. Passing for just under 4,000 yards last Season and rushing for another 500+, while completing 19 TD passes and running for 10, made him a potent weapon, but he had trouble taking care of the ball. The Vikings hope to correct that by Firing Alex Wood and Signing Gus Freotte as a Vertan back-up to help keep Daunte from over reacting and being too erratic. The QB positin which might have been a worry at week 4, is no longer an issue now. The Vikes and Vikings fans have faith in Culpepper to perform and earn the Contract he'll get next year.

    Since Cris Carter left the Vikings have been searching for a play making WR to put next to Randy Moss. They may have found one in D'wayne Bates and/or Kelly Campbell. Both showed turmendous promise late in the season and both could turn out to be the guy to take coverage off of Moss. Just in case though, the Vikes have kept Derrick Alexander who is always a threat deep and needs to get used to our offense a little more. If that isn't enough the VIkings drafted Nate Buleson, who caught 138 passes (11.5 a game leading the league) for 1,629 yards and 12 TDs. This guy is priased for having good Speed, great athleticism and glue-like hands. It should be a great battle for WR spots in this years Training Camp.

    The Vikings improved their already #2 ranked offense a lot this year, look for them to return to '00 and '98 standards this next season.
    When it s all said and done, you ll have to admit we re number 1!

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    Vikings Team analysis - Offense

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    Vikings Team analysis - Offense

    Ben Stoterau(80)

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