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Every time his doorbell rings, Vikings defensive tackle Pat Williams answers with his 9mm Glock holstered on his hip.
Man that is bad... I don't know how someone can live with that.. But I'm from Europe so not a big fan of guns and/or the fact that it should be for a protecting purpose.
Guns not for a protecting purpose?
Yeah, that would be good, if it wasn't for those darn criminals who have guns and will use them.
Maybe he should carry a butter knife instead.

Well, thinking about it now... a 360 pound D-lineman with a butter knife would be very frightening to me!

No thanks. Guns don't protect, guns kill
If that's true, I'm blaming my keyboard for typos.

Guns don't kill people, people do. If there wasn't such a thing as guns, those people would simply resort to another weapon.
You knew I had to stir the pot on that one.

I'm not into revolting to old arguments, but I say drop the guns, and let them resort to this other weapon.
Regardless of your means/choice of security everyone needs to be aware of thier surroundings, who they hang with to ensure they can limit this types of stuff in thier lives.

Key things you can do:

Its Christmas season.
Don't put big boxes from TV's, Stereos, etc on the curb as advertisements for these types of goons.
Tear them down and put them in bags, trash cans.

Stay out of high crime areas.
Sure that club down town might be the "Bomb" but getting rolled when you walk out of it isn't.

Pay attention to how you maintain your voice mail.
Pretty silly to put on there that you are out of town until datexxxx.

Simple kindof things like that go a long way.

As for me I add the fact that I have a .45 cal in my room and I am not afraid to use it when it comes to protecting what is mine.
God help the poor soul who ever did something wrong to Wildwoman or my kids.
(No smiley face)