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    Re: Vikings Tailgating 2008

    I am so looking forward to next year! I will gladly help out with a donation.

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    Re: Vikings Tailgating 2008

    "singersp" wrote:
    "BadlandsViking" wrote:
    "jargomcfargo" wrote:
    "BloodyHorns82" wrote:
    Did the main contributors get their money back?
    I thought Jargo said he was pretty close, but that was quite awhile ago.
    I think you still owe me a shot of whiskey, but otherwise I came out fine.

    Seriously, thanks to Webby and the generous members of PPO, I got all my money back plus $40.
    That $40 is going back into the kitty for next year.

    Webby, Neum, and Shock, along with Vikeswin2005 are the logical guys to coordinate this years plan.

    I don't think we probably need as many spots next year,. But that's not going to be my decision.

    I do feel Vikeswin2005 should not have to pay for a spot next year.

    Anyway, I'm in and looking forward to partying with the PPO crew again in 2008; our superbowl winning season!

    5 spots were nice for two cars and for people to spread out
    5 spots were too many. There wasn't a single game that went by were the parking lot attendants didn't sell one or two of those spots, so in all actuality, they sold the same spots twice & made more money.

    5 were paid for in advance. We should have been able to use all 5 of them every home game. Not just the 3 or 4 we got to use.

    [size=13pt]floop the parking lot attendants![/size]

    I wonder if Wilf knew about this?
    If we paid for the spots, we should politely tell the parking lot attendants to "shove it" unless they want to split the $40 with us for each one of our spots we sell to them.
    How do we know that they aren't pocketing that $40 themselves?
    If we have extra empty spots, we should practice a little capitalism.

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    Re: Vikings Tailgating 2008

    I can't wait tell our reg season opens up again

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