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    Vikings stay on KFAN!

    Vikings Retain Current Radio Deal

    Viking Update Staff -
    February 18, 2005 at 11:56am ET
    Even though Red McCombs is heading out the door, it looks like he's doing his other businesses a solid on the way out.

    Whether or not Reggie Fowler ends up with the Vikings or not may still be up in the air, but the one near-certainty is that by next season, Red McCombs will surely be gone.

    But, he is still running the day-to-day operations of the team and, to that end, did his own business interests a solid Thursday. McCombs, a major stockholder in Clear Channel Communications, which owns KFAN Radio of Minneapolis, approved a five-year contract extension to keep the station as the Vikings flagship.

    Word from Winter Park is that the Vikings are happy with the current arrangement, when KFAN took the Vikings away from longtime home WCCO-AM. While no decisions have been finalized, VU has been told that the play-by-play contract of Paul Allen and Joe Senser will also be picked up.

    I think this is great, I love listening to Paul Allen when the Vikings are playing on the road. So what if Red owns part of clear channel, I think KFAN is better than wcco
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    Vikings stay on KFAN!

    Red's just covering his bases to make sure he continues to make money off the Vikes, even after he sells. Shrewd.

    At first I didn't like Paul Allen on play-by-play, but I think he's grown into the part, and now I enjoy him.

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    Vikings stay on KFAN!

    it would not be a vikings call without paul allen would it?
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    Vikings stay on KFAN!

    It would suck without Paul Allen....
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    Vikings stay on KFAN!

    And yet i hear a lot of people dont want him at the play by play announcer. :scratch: A bunch of people think hes not that great of an announcer. Im guessing because of the way he can get over ridculously excited and sound stupid when we make a huge play and the fact that he cant keep up with the plays at times.
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    Vikings stay on KFAN!

    Paul Allen. Stud.

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    Vikings stay on KFAN!

    I know this has been asked before, but is there any way that I can listen to the game on my PC (KFAN) and watch it on TV? With the NFL Sunday Ticket for DTV, will there be a delay so the words will not reflect real-time play-by-play? Thanks!

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    Vikings stay on KFAN!

    yah there is like a 5 second delay i believe.. i was watchin on regular a while back and my friend was on D-tv and we were watchin a steelers game and plax fumbled and i started laffing and talkin about it and he told me to shut up he didnt get to see it yet.. pretty funny stuff

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