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I think it will be fun to have them play outdoors when the weather is nice. But come December and January we'll see how many of the old school fans who preach outdoor football will actually be showing up - especially in the second season at TCF when the novelty is worn off.

Actually, the attendance at the Vikings-Bears game at TCF was 40,504, leaving about 10,000 seats empty. I guess the novelty wasn't really there to begin with. I am glad the new stadium will be enclosed or retractable.

Fun fact - that game came exactly 29 years to the day from the last game at the Old Met.
I think their were many reasons other than just being outdoors.
The season was the most dissapointing in Vikings history(superbowl contenders that won 4 games). Favre was listed as out on the injury report, didn't decide to play until game time.
No assigned seats, and a first come basis. No guarantee you would even get in.
The Vikings offered to buy back tickets.
There was a large blizzard, what should have been a 45min drive turned into 3 hours.
No alchohol, no tailgating.

Even with all that it was one of the best games I've ever been too, I think most people who attended felt the same way(except the idiots who didn't dress appropriately).