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    Vikings Stadium Chat - Tuesday, Nov. 23 @ Noon CST

    Vikings Vice President of Stadium Development and Public Affairs Lester Bagley will answer your questions during a live chat on

    To participate in the chat, come back to this page at Noon on Tuesday

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    Re: Vikings Stadium Chat - Tuesday, Nov. 23 @ Noon CST

    My solution:

    Give the Vikings the Dome. Let them charge the state rent if they want to have a place for people to power walk indoors during the winter. Let Ziggy lease out the building for concerts, monster truck races, republican party rally's etc. That revenue going to him instead of the MSFC can help his bottom line along with the concessions.

    Then he can remodel the building himself. I would suggest turning the entire upper level into suites and half of the lower level between the 20's as premium club seats. Then the rest of the lower level can be for the rest of the fans and they should make the seats about 8 inches wider so there is a place for you to put your coats when you come in from the 4 block walk when it is 10 below. Every seat should have a slot machine or video poker (Yes, that would take legislative action) for the fans so they have something to do when the kick ass offense is on the field. The seating capacity would be reduced to about 10,000 which should keep the team on TV with constant sellouts every year and it should give Wilf the club and suite revenue he needs to keep the team afloat.

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